Wednesday, March 18, 2020

My law school is also very unique: Zhu Minshen happy to brag about what NSW LPAB ,chaired by NSW Chief Justice Bathurst prefer be kept quiet ;  Bathurst has placed himself at the centre of a security issue , must stand down immediately and allow investigation by ASIO, AFP. 

Ganesh Sahathevan

As Chief Justice Tom Bathurst has been intent on pursuing a social 
and political agenda. In doing so he has walked into a matter
of national security

The decision of the New South Wales Legal Profession Admission Board (NSW LPAB) to grant Zhu Minshen and his Top Education Group Ltd their  "one and only" license to award law degrees continues to draw attention even if the NSW LPAB would rather the matter be kept quiet. As reported by  this writer, a recent decision of the Commonwealth Attorney General Christian Porter has implications for the NSW LPAB, and its chairman , the Chief Justice Of NSW Tom Bathurst: 

Zhu's Communist Party China links are a matter of public record and have been well documented by academic Geoff Wade . The documents he has provided show that  the NSW LPAB and  Chief Justice Bathurst in making an exception in the case of Zhu and his Top Group,  granted a member of the Communist Party China establishment the right to produce  the next generation of Australia's judicial officers (Lawyers admitted to practise law in Australia are officers of the court to which they are admitted

While the NSW LPAB has avoided saying much( if anything at all)about Zhu and Top Group despite a legal requirement to do so in its annual reports,  Zhu himself has been happy to advertise the special treatment accorded him by NSW LPAB, the Law Council Australia, and Chief Justice Bathurst. As he put it while speaking to investors in China: 

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