Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Timing of Zhu Minshen & Top Group's LPAB decision adds to LPAB audit red flags: AG Mark Speakman must ensure that the details of the LPAB's dealings with Top, Zhu are fully disclosed. Auditor General NSW has a duty to ensure Speakman does so

by Ganesh Sahathevan

In the words of Zhu Minshen, chairman and CEO of his Top Education Group Ltd:

Bachelor of Law Re-accreditation 

The scheduled re-accreditation process of our Bachelor of Laws (‘‘LLB’’) went smoothly. On 27 June 2019, TOP received formal notification from the Legal Profession Admission Board of New South Wales (‘‘LPAB’’) to accredit TOP’s LLB for a further five-year period commencing from the notification date.

Readers should note that the 27 June 2019 date is just three days short of Top's and the LPAB's end of financial year. The date gives the impression that a decision had been made to ensure that both Top and the LPAB were placed in a position where both could report a non-controversial outcome in their books; Top to announce that the review of its license to issue LLB's "went smoothly" and thus has no adverse impact on future earnings and, the LPAB to again evade reporting in its books  on any of these issues: 

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Any delay beyond the current financial year in re-issuing Zhu's licences would would have required an explanation, which would have had to address the matters above.

It is the duty of the NSW Auditor General to now ensure that NSW AG Mark Spekaman tables LPAB Annual Reports that properly account for the conduct of the LPAB and other officers under his purview. 
The number of audit red flags which concern documents he has tabled in Parliament keep rising. 



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