Saturday, November 2, 2019

Australian government agencies continue to ignore 1MDB issues and to discredit work of journalists pursuing 1MDB theft, despite growing international cooperation to recover the funds

by Ganesh Sahathevan

Deafening Silence Out Of Australia Over 1MDB's Connection To Top Bank ANZ
While there has been a "Deafening Silence Out Of Australia Over 1MDB's Connection To Top Bank ANZ",Australian government bodies have been more than willing to discredit the work of journalists and governments that have been instrumental in exposing what is the biggest case of kleptocracy ever

The US Department Of Justice issued a press statement last week to announce the recovery of some USD 900 Million for the Malaysian fugitive Jho Low. The DOJ thanked specifically a number of enforcement agencies:

The Department also appreciates the significant assistance provided by the Attorney General’s Chambers of Malaysia, the Royal Malaysian Police, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, the Attorney General’s Chambers of Singapore, the Singapore Police Force-Commercial Affairs Division, the Office of the Attorney General and the Federal Office of Justice of Switzerland, the judicial investigating authority of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Criminal Investigation Department of the Grand-Ducal Police of Luxembourg.

Absent from the list are Australian enforcement agencies, despite the pivotal role played by Australia's ANZ Banking Group Ltd in the theft, and evidence of 1MDB linked assets being held in or managed out of Singapore.

Meanwhile, an Australian statutory board, the NSW Legal Profession Admission Board, which is chaired by the Chief Justice Of NSW, Tom Bathurst, and under the purview of the Attorney General NSW Mark Speakman, continue to maintain that this story from "Thirdforce" and "Malaysia-Today" is true:

Ganesh Sahathevan, RPK, Clare Brown, Ginny Stein and the blood money trail

They have done so despite their actions being the subject of a story published in Australia's only national daily,The Australian, on 17 January 2019.

They have in fact gone further to discredit as untrue, false, misleading or exaggerated stories by this writer on the 1MDB matter and on all the personalities involved, despite  this writer's publications being confirmed by evidence being now produced in court, and DOJ court filings. The Chief Justice and the AG consider the persons investigated and written about with regards the 1MDB issue to be "eminent persons" who have been "defamed".

While it was initially assumed that  Australian agencies were attempting to protect ANZ Bank, one of this economy's so called "4 pillar" banks.However the NSW AG Mark Speakman's attempts to discredit as well this writer's publications about the Kestrel Group of off-shore companies, and the Top Group affair, suggest that the sections of the Australian state and federal governments are concerned about any investigation into offshore entities for reasons best known to them.


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