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AG Mark Speakman and the Indonesian-Singapore billionaire Martua Sitorus, accused by Greenpeace of deforestation of Papua, named in the Panama Papers

by Ganesh Sahathevan

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Singapore's Straits Times reported in July 2018:
Two senior executives of Singapore-based Wilmar International, the world's largest palm oil trader, have resigned, days after a Greenpeace report linked them to an Indonesian firm accused of deforestation.
Greenpeace, an environmental group, said three plantation companies owned by Gama Corp had cleared thousands of hectares in Indonesia's Papua and West Kalimantan provinces.
The CEO of Gama group of companies is Mr Martua Sitorus, also Wilmar's non-executive director and board member, who set up Gama with his brother.
Greenpeace said the findings damaged Wilmar's reputation and its 2013 commitment to halt deforestation across all its concessions and its many palm oil suppliers.
But Wilmar has denied any management links to Gama.
In an announcement to the Singapore Stock Exchange on Tuesday (July 3), Wilmar said Mr Sitorus will step down on July 15. He co-founded the company in 1991 with current chairman and CEO Kuok Khoon Hong.
Wilmar also announced the resignation of its country head for Indonesia, Mr Hendri Saksti, who is Mr Sitorus's brother-in-law.

A number of Indonesian tycoons have been hiring a Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca to set up shell companies. The documents of Mossack Fonseca’s clients, known as the Panama Papers, list a number of Indonesian families, among others, Mochtar Riady family (ranked sixth in Forbes’ Indonesia’s richest list), Martua Sitorus-owner of Wilmar International Ltd, and Ciputra family.
Wilmar International is a company established by Martua in 1991. Wilmar has 450 manufacturing companies in 15 countries and 90 thousand employees across the globe. Martua’s net worth is US$1.38 billion or roughly Rp18.3 trillion.
Whereas Wilmar International Limited is listed for having two shell companies: Klientwort Benson Trustees Ltd and Gold Branch Enterprises Limited. The latter was set up in the British Virgin Islands in April 2010.

Earlier this year this writer explained how the AG NSW Mark Speakman undermined the protection provided journalists,whistle blowers and sources by the Carlovers v Sahathevan ,Bond v Barry  decisions.
In that story it  was shown how Speakman and his officers at the LPAB and Department Of Justice  attempted to discredit some 25 years worth of research and publishing by this writer which included Martua Sitorus and his business partners, by re-writing the facts of the Carlovers decision and demanding that this  writer show "remorse" for what has been written.

The material about Sitorus includes his Malaysian and Singapore business partners, among others Kuok Khoon Hong, himself among Singapore's richest, and a member of the Kuok family led by Robert Kuok, South East Asia's richest man.Other partners included Vincent Tan Chee Yioun, one of Malaysia's richest men,and Peter Lim Eng Hock, who also ranks among Singapore's richest and who made his billions from a well known deal that saw Wilmar turn into one of the largest companies listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. 

Lim's Kestrel Group of companies brought together Sitorus, Kuok , Tan and other well known Malaysian and Singapore businessmen in a series of  high profile Malaysian stock exchange deals. This writer's investigation of Lim's Kestrel Group of companies and a story he wrote that was published (in part) in Malaysia's The Sun, which is owned by Tan, led to his sacking and provided the background for the Carlovers decision.

The Panama Papers revelations about Sitorus follow, therefore, a pattern that goes back to at least the mid 90s. 

Every attempt was made to alert the AG Mark Speakman to the facts above but he has chosen instead to persist with his attempt at discrediting this writer, and to notexplain his defence of Sitorus and his partners. 

Speakman, who is considered a potential premier of NSW , has chosen to link  himself to  South East Asia's business and political swamp. He has much explaining to do.


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