Friday, March 2, 2018

Alex son of Malcolm Turnbull says he is a victim, not benefactor of Goldman Sachs 1MDB deals:Threatens legal action in Australia, while based in Singapore;raising questions about Turnbull and the judiciary

by Ganesh Sahathevan
The 1MDB saga continues  with this unexpected Linkedin email from Alex Turnbull, son of Malcolm Turnbull. Alex  Turnbull is based in Singapore ,and has threatened legal action in Australia against this writer. 
Alex started a hedge fund in Singapore after leaving Goldman Sachs.He has now revealed that he resigned his position at Goldman's for speaking out about 1MDB.
Be that all as it may, Alex prefers that I remove my 1MDB stories which mention him(which readers know will not happen),and has threatened legal action in Australia, despite his business and he being based in Singapore,and the readership of this blog being primarily in China,Malaysia, and other parts of South East Asia.
Singapore, which has some of the toughest defamation laws in the world would seem like a better place to commence legal proceedings, but the Turnbull's seem to prefer Australia.
The fact that Malcolm is currently PM and the family's choice of jurisdiction cannot be ignored.

Now read on:

Alex Turnbull

Alex Turnbull

  • Alex Turnbull sent the following message at 11:03 AM

    post about me and 1MDB

    Ganesh, hope all is well. I was wondering if you would take down those posts implying I somehow benefitted from 1MDB - I did not, quite the opposite in fact. I called out the insane pricing and bizzare structure at GS when the deal was done and got yelled at by compliance for casting doubt on the integrity of PFI, the group that did the deal. As a result I was "b tracked" and resigned. This will all come out in a book in September by Tom Wright at the WSJ. Cheers, Alex
  • Ganesh Sahathevan sent the following messages at 12:24 PM
    Alex I am happy for you to post this on the comment section of my post. Regards
  • Ganesh Sahathevan
  • Alex Turnbull sent the following messages at 12:57 PM
    View Alex’s profileAlex Turnbull
    Hi Ganesh or we could move to a formal discussion about defamation law in Australia. Let me know. I am not going to do this in public to drive traffic to your site and cause a media circus.
  • View Alex’s profileAlex Turnbull
    Alternately get in touch with Tom Wright and ask him.
  • Ganesh Sahathevan sent the following message at 3:17 PM
    Why not you ask Tom and if you want to sue that is up to you.
  • Alex Turnbull sent the following messages at 3:36 PM
    View Alex’s profileAlex Turnbull
    I've already spoken to Tom.
  • View Alex’s profileAlex Turnbull
    Cool will do.
  • View Alex’s profileAlex Turnbull
    Ultimately I'm not the one making unfounded ridiculous accusations. If you don't want to do even the vaguest bit of research and then publish that's your problem legally speaking.


Malcolm Turnbull's

 son said to start hedge fund in Singapore

Alex Turnbull, son of Federal Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull, is planning a Singapore-based hedge fund, said people with knowledge of the matter.
Mr Turnbull, who has been an executive director of Goldman Sachs Group's special situations group, will be the chief investment officer of Keshik Capital, said the people who asked not to be identified. The fund will be focused on Asia with flexibility to invest globally. It may start as early as January and will invest in equity and credit, including convertible bonds, they said.

Malcolm Turnbull. Like his father, Alex Turnbull has been an executive with Goldman Sachs.
Malcolm Turnbull. Like his father, Alex Turnbull has been an executive with Goldman Sachs.
Photo: Alex Ellinghausen
Keshik will be at least the third hedge-fund startup that is tapping Asian opportunities in recent years and involves a former member of the Goldman Sachs unit. The special situations group, known as SSG, invests in distressed debt and companies. It's part of Goldman Sachs's investing and lending operations, which generated $US4.3 billion ($4.6 billion) of pretax earnings last year, the most of the New York-based bank's four business segments.
Mr Turnbull, who is based in Singapore, worked for SSG for four years until earlier this year, according to his LinkedIn profile. SSG's investments include holdings in Japan's largest golf-course operator Accordia Golf and pizza-chain Sbarro.
Connie Ling, a Hong Kong-based spokeswoman for Goldman Sachs, declined to comment on Mr Turnbull's departure.

Goldman Sachs ties
The Sydney native studied at Harvard University and had a stint at Mount Kellett Capital Management, the investment firm founded by former SSG executives Mark McGoldrick and Jason Maynard. His other former employers include Deutsche Bank and Fortress Investment Group, according to his profile.
Malcolm Turnbull was co-chairman of Goldman Sachs's Australian unit between 1997 and 2001.
Jason Brown, a former global head of SSG, set up his own Hong Kong-based fund company Arkkan Capital Management last year, according to the city's Securities and Futures Commission.
Chris Mikosh, another former SSG managing director, co-founded Tor Investment Management (Hong Kong) with Patrik Edsparr, previously a Citadel executive, according to a December 2013 statement from backer Grosvenor Capital Management.

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