Sunday, February 5, 2017

Singapore can forget the Mersing Line, must now contend with the new Luconia Line

by Ganesh Sahathevan

It is almost an article of faith that if Malaysia nnd Singapore go to war, Singapore will seek to move its line of effective control forward into Johor, to the so-called Mersing Line,also known in World War 2 as the Wellington Line.
(Source :Singapore 1942 By David Atwell)

Fast forward 75 years, and one can see from recent developments that the new battle line is out in the South China Sea.It been previously reported on this blog that Malaysia's PM Najib has probably delivered effective control of the Luconia Shoals, in the north-east of the South China Sea, to China.
As reported:
Pedra Branca/Batu Puteh decision suggests Malaysia has surrendered right to Luconia-removing own flag from Luconia Shoals in stark contrast with past practise

Then comes the matter of PM Najib's sudden interest in Pedra Branca ,and hence the Middle Rocks .As reported: 
China aims for Middle Rocks ,and Pedra Branca, via proxy Malaysia: Artificial islands in the Singapore Strait likely

Given control over Luconia Shoals and Middle Rocks,  China has now an effective  line of control that extends over the South China Sea:

This writer will leave it to readers to determine how this is going to affect the Singapore's defence and offence planning, but will remind leaders that the new line is an electronic construction fortified by physical facilities, both in the South China Sea and around it, especially in Malaysia.


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