Sunday, November 10, 2019

NSW LPAB Chairman Bathurst who granted Top Group its history making right to issue LLB degrees will stay in job till 2023: Bathurst CJ will be around to swear in Top Group law grads as officers of His Honour's Court.

by Ganesh Sahathevan

NSW Chief Justice Tom Bathurst says he is "still enjoying the job". Wolter Peeters,AFRChief Justice Bathurst told the AFR's Michael Pelly was his "present intention" to serve until the end of February, 2022. However, he noted that he can continue to preside until March 17, 2023 (when he turns 75).

The Chairman of the NSW Legal Profession Board ,the NSW Chief Justice Thomas Bathurst has told the AFR that he is likely to stay in his job until 2023.

He is responsible for granting political donor Zhu Minshen's Top Education Group Ltd the first ever right to issue LLBs in Australia granted a private company that is not a university.

Together with NSW AG Mark Speakman Bathurst has denied all requests for information on that decision, choosing instead to evade the issue by accusing this writer of harassment via "numerous emails". By remaining chief justice until 2023 Bathurst will be in a position to swear-in the first few batches on Top Group law graduates as barristers and solicitors of the Supreme Court Of NSW. To do so he will rely on documents issued by Zhu Minshen as principal of Top Education Group, a right bestowed by Bathurst and his LPAB despite Zhu's colourful history. 

While Bathurst is the chairman of the LPAB he appoints a presiding officer or officers to act in his place.While this may in a legal sense distance him from the decisions of the LPAB, public perception is a different matter. 

As previously reported by this writer the LPAB has not disclosed completely its dealings with Zhu Minshen . Despite the scandal surrounding him and Top Group, as well as his co-venturer Amen Lee, Top Group reported that its LPAB review "went smoothly".


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