Thursday, September 19, 2019

Sup Crt NSW decision confirms that AG NSW Speakman is responsible for the actions of the LPAB : Speakman cannot distance himself from decisions favouring Zhu Minshen

by Ganesh Sahathevan

In the 2015 decision of the Supreme Court in  Galiatsatos v Legal Profession Admission Board [2016] NSWCATAD 143 (5 July 2016), the Court held:

Under the GIPA legislation the  LPAB  is a “subsidiary agency”. It is taken to be part of the NSW Department of Justice: GIPA Act, Sch 4, cl 6; Government Information (Public Access) Regulation 2009(NSW), Sch 3, cl 12.

The Minister responsible for the Department Of Justice is the Attorney General Mark Speakman SC, whose NSW  Liberal Party received donations from Zhu Minshen and his Top Education Group before and after the granting of that "first and only" license to grant law degrees.

Speakman ,his Premier Berejiklian and their party cannot distance themselves from anything to do between the LPAB , Zhu Minshen and Top Group.


uesday, September 17, 2019

AG Speakman's refusal to amend LPAB documents tabled in Parliament could mean concealment of donations from a property developer:Information in the public domain ignored by Peter Hall & ICAC

by Ganesh Sahathevan

Troy Grant MP

Mark Speakman

As First Law Officer of the state, Mark oversees 
the administration of almost 200 Acts of Parliament, 
the most of any minister in the NSW Government.

The following has been reported on this blog based on documents in the public domain, or otherwise placed in the public domain by this writer based on correspondence with the Legal Profession Admission Board.

Is Zhu Minshen a property developer,should the NSW Liberals have accepted his money

NSW Libs received donations of $44,275 from TOP Education Group just before after TOP was granted the "first & only" license issued a private company to award law degrees: AG Speakman and his LPAB refuse to disclose all details in the LPAB Annual Reports

NSW Liberal donor Minshen Zhu's Top Group, the LPAB,the AG,and Sharon Austen Ltd

The above taken together suggest that the AG NSW Mark Speakman is refusing to amend LPAB Annual Reports which he has tabled in the NSW Parliament for fear that the additional disclosures may provide further evidence of donations from Zhu Minshen. These may well include prohibited donations from a property developer.


Why did the LPAB make an exception for China's Minshen Zhu & Top Group -AG NSW Speakman maintains political silence despite weakening share price, China protests

Berejiklian Government fails to disclose action/inaction against NSW Liberal Party donor Top Education Group, claims harrassment by journalist querying non-disclosure

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