Sunday, September 1, 2019

Law Council Australia cannot lecture Chinese lawyers while it provides cover to CPC linked Minshen Zhu

by Ganesh Sahathevan

A few other Australians can be spotted in footage of the event, which was attended by Xi Jinping and Politburo Standing Committee Member Wang Yang. Here is Zhu Minshen, who famously paid Sam Dastyari's travel bill, shaking hands with Papa Xi 4/


The AFR reported on 8 August 2019:
The president of Australia’s peak legal body has told leaders of the profession in China that there is no rule of law in their country and they need to speak up and challenge the government.

“I was direct with my colleagues in the legal profession in China,” Mr Moses told The Australian Financial Review.

“I told them that you cannot use rhetoric to claim there is the rule of law in China when you don’t have an independent judiciary, detainees are denied access to lawyers and lawyers are imprisoned for seemingly doing their job by representing persons who may have a contrary view to the government.

“That is not the rule of law. That is rule by law.”
(see Law Council boss ticks off China lawyers)y

Meanwhile Mr Moses' Law Council Australia , the NSW Law Society and Legal Professional Admission Board, which is under the purview of Mr Moses' fellow senior counsel, Mr Mark Speakman SC,have provided the Communist Party Of China (CPC) linked Minshen Zhu the credibility and standing of an Australian law school chancellor , and with it the funding and cover to help further develop the CPC's surveillance infrastructure:


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NSW AG attempted to evade information and queries on political donor Minshen Zhu: AG has a duty to ensure that Zhu is registered as a foreign agent, but instead grants Zhu rights,privileges, never before (and since) granted a private entity

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