Saturday, August 17, 2019

China-HK protest on Australian campuses but not at Minshen Zhu controlled campuses-Are legal profession admission rules being used (again ) to suppress complaints and protests

by Ganesh Sahathevan

A few other Australians can be spotted in footage of the event, which was attended by Xi Jinping and Politburo Standing Committee Member Wang Yang. Here is Zhu Minshen, who famously paid Sam Dastyari's travel bill, shaking hands with Papa Xi 4/

While protests in solidarity with Hong Kong citizens defending their rights have erupted on a number of Australian campuses  there has been silence on Sydney campuses controlled by Liberal and Labor donor Minshen Zhu and his Top Education Group Ltd.

This silence is surprising given the high percentage of Chinese students that are enrolled at Top's campuses, including its Sydney City School Of Law. The School is the"first and only" private  institution to have been granted the right to issue law degrees by the NSW Legal Profession Admission Board, which is ultimately under the purview of the NSW Attorney General, Mark Speakman. Together with that right comes the power to determine if law graduates may be admitted to practice law in NSW and in Australia.

Known as Rule 19 certificates issued pursuant to the Uniform Legal Profession Admission Rules,the power to do so can and has been used to protect the interests of the issuer. Top Group is listed in Hong Kong and Zhu is known to be close to the Communist Party Of China's leadership.
It is in his interest and that of his Top Group to ensure that students at their campuses do not register any sort of protest in any manner what so ever against the Chinese government. .

AG Speakman and the Australian legal profession owe Top students an assurance that they will not be penalized for protesting in any way again the Chinese Government.


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