Friday, July 12, 2019

Erdogan' to visit Australia next year-What insights might Gov Beazley ,her Premier & AG provide Erdogan with regards his enemy Gulen?

by Ganesh Sahathevan

Turkey stand against failed military coup attempt
A man holds a placard reading in "Take your hands off Turkish democracy" with the portrait of Fethullah Gulen in Istanbul, Turkey. Source: Getty Images

SBS has reported today that Turkey's President Erdogan will visit Australia next year. In 2016 SBS reported how Erdogan's sworn enemy, Mohamad Fetullah Gulen and his Gulen movement enjoy access to the highest levels of government in NSW.

The 2016 story also reported that Turkey’s then ambassador to Australia Ahmet Vakur G√∂kdenizler had warned federal and state authorities that local Gulenists were part of the international network that had attempted to overthrow the Erdogan government in the 2016 coup,which had the backing of some parts of Turkey's armed forces.

None of this seemed to have deterred the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and various members of the judiciary, including the Chief Justice Tom Bathurst and the then President of the Court of Appeal, Margaret Beazley from lending their support to various Gulen organised events.Beazley was appointed Governor of NSW in May this year.

The NSW Supreme Court website includes a speech by Beazley at a Gulen movement event,where she argues that sharia and the common law are not incompatible. Gulen is a proponent of political Islam, and hence the public support of a President of the Court Of Appeal, placed on the Supreme Court website, is quite an achievement.

Erdogan has declared the Gulen movement a terrorist organisation;in Turkey the movement is officially known as the Fetullah Gulen Terrorist Organisation (FETO). When in Australia however he might find that his hosts in NSW might want to re-educate him with regards FETO. They seem to have insights into the activities and motives of the Gulen movement which have escaped Erdogan, his advisers,and others who have researched the movement over the past two decades.

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