Thursday, May 2, 2019

Gulen, Governor Beazley, the Premier and AG NSW and members of the judiciary : Revelation of Gulen's financing raises perception of bias that must be addressed.

by Ganesh Sahathevan

As previously reported on this blog:
More questions about Gulen in the international media: Meanwhile NSW Governor Beazley,Premier Berjelikian and AG Speakman maintain silence, even as their annual Gulen Iftar approaches

The story above featured documentaries by Russia's RT Documentary  Channel, which has added to its series on Gulen the story above about how Gulen finances his activities with funds from businesses run by his followers.

The revelation helps clarify the structure of the Gulen movement .Like many jihadi and dakwah movements its objectives are  a combination of business, politics and Islam.

Consequently the continued solidarity shown by the new Governor NSW  Margaret Beazley, Premier Gladys Berejiklian and the Attorney General NSW Mark Speakman with the Australian arms  of the Gulen movement raise a perception of bias: any dalliance with entities financed by business would, and the jihadi and daawah elements in this case make matters worse.

Further complicating matters is the fact that the AG NSW has in writing condemned this writer's works on Gulen, and on terrorism in general , as subjective, defamatory and lacking in insight. 
This writer is not the only one to have raised questions about Gulen's influence peddling.

He has also had first hand experience of local Gulenists attempting to deflect his questions by threatening to refer him to Australian enforcement agencies. That threat was made by Gulenist in Melbourne and it was immediately forwarded to the then Chief Of Police Victoria, Nixon. 
The Gulen movement in Melbourne had developed a close relationship with senior officers in the Victorian Police force, sponsoring the then Deputy Commissioner Ken Lay and wife Chris La, among others, on a study tour of Turkey.

For members of the judiciary who have been seen to be  associated with Gulen there is the added problem of a perception of bias  even in commercial matters involving Gulenist in Australia.

The Governor, the Premier and the AG (who is in charge of protecting NSW from terrorism) continue to maintain their silence, even as the Annual NSW Parliament Iftar approaches.

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