Friday, June 14, 2019

Singapore's custody of Zulfikar Shariff provides leverage over Rahim Ghouse,adviser to Wan Azizah,and Anwar Ibrahim

by Ganesh Sahathevan

11:04 PM - 19 Aug 2013-Tweet from Saifuddin Nasution,happy that he is buying durian in the
company of Dr Rahim Ghouse(left).

This writer noted recently that Singapore holds a vital part of Malaysian PM In Waiting Anwar Ibrahim's succession plans,as a consequence of its custody of one Zulfikar Shariff.

It was reported that while in Melbourne Zulfikar was second-in-command to one Dr Rahim Ghouse who he helped manage the USD 8 Billion Commercial IBT.

These days Ghouse spends more time Kuala Lumpur where he  is  adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, but of  course Ghouse is better known as PM In Waiting Anwar Ibahim's adviser, manager and closest confidante.

Zulfikar himself was actively by involved in the '98 Reformasi movement, having at that time a job in Kuala Lumpur.It is understood that he was introduced to Ghouse and associates during that time,and that it was those connections that made his escape in 2002 ,with wife and family, to Melbourne, a possibility. 

Ghouse has not been sitting idle while in exile,keeping himself busy plotting Anwar's return, among other things. He has nevertheless kept a low profile, so there is much that the Singaporeans can learn from Zulfikar Shariff.

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