Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Singapore holds a vital part of Malaysian PM In Waiting Anwar Ibahim's succession plans: ISA detention of Zulfikar Shariff provides leverage over Anwar linked funds

by Ganesh Sahathevan

On 29 July 2016 Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong himself posted this article of Facebook:

Singaporean Zulfikar Mohamad Shariff has been arrested and detained under the Internal Security Act for terrorism-related activities. Zulfikar used social media to propagate radical ideology, glorify ISIS, and exhort Muslims to take up arms and wage militant jihad.
Zulfikar also helped to radicalise at least two other Singaporeans. He aimed to provoke Singapore Muslims to push for an Islamic state to replace our democratic system. Fortunately, our security agencies caught him before he could do more harm.
Such extremist, violent beliefs have no place in our multi-racial and multi-religious country. The government will be alert to spot such individuals, but we need everyone’s help to uphold and protect our harmonious way of life.
Together, we can stay united and strong. - LHL

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SINGAPORE - A Singaporean who actively spread radical ideology online and helped radicalise at least two other citizens has been detained under the Internal Security Act.. Read more at straitstimes.com.

Lee and his agencies would be aware,if nothing else from documents in the public domain, that Zulfikar Shariff is  an  asset vis-a-vis Singapore's dealings with Malaysia, and in particular the over eager Prime Minister In Waiting, Anwar Ibrahim.
This writer is of course referring to the Zulfiakr Shariff's role in the Anwar Ibrahim linked  USD 8 Billion Commercial IBT, which was described in detail by Peter Martin , then of  ABC Background Briefing in a  2006. The   story  includes this excerpt:

Peter Martin: In Melbourne, Dr Rahim Ghouse runs one of Australia's two big Islamic home finance organisations: the Muslim Community Co-operative of Australia, or MCCA. And as it happens, it is from a source close to the MCCA that some of the strongest attacks on myself and Ganesh in the wake of the SBS program have come.

Now here's another name: Zulfikar Shariff. He joined the MCCA as its Marketing Manager in September 2004.

In the months leading up to that appointment and beyond, Zulfikar Shariff sent a series of emails to the management of the SBS with copies to Australia's Attorney General, and a number of other Australian government ministers.

They made gripping reading.

They said that our story was part of an attempt to extort money from the people behind Commercial IBT by blackening their reputations. Here's a reading from one of those emails.

Zulfikar was in a  position where he was privy to Commercial IBT's inner workings,and its backers. Commercial IBT and its USD 8 Billion vanished sometime in 2007. It is highly unlikely that Lee and his agencies would not have by now interrogated Zulfikar and would have a significant amount of information on those funds.

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