Sunday, February 2, 2020

Airbus admission  about Caterham F1  and Caterham Jet 9M-CJG raise money laundering issues- Airbus has said that it does not known where  its RM 450 Million sponsorship went to and accounting of Rolls Royce 9M-CJG not properly explained:SC cannot ignore the Rolls Royce Caterham Jet admission and full  implications of the Airbus payments 

by Ganesh Sahathevan

As reported previously: 

However the denial and the SC  statement ignore the fact that Airbus has ADMITTED that is bribed AirAsia and its officers or employees, as did Rolls Royce in 2017.

Both cases involve transactions that require investigation quite apart from any investigation into corruption or bribery. The Airbus transactions involve money that seems to have disappeared, and the Rolls Royce transactions accounting treatment that has yet to be fully explained. 



Saturday, February 1, 2020

RM 450 Million for just one Airbus-AirAsia deal:How much for the other deals, and where is the cash

by Ganesh Sahathevan

At the Paris Airshow in 2011 Airbus announced: 

AirAsia, the largest low cost airline in the Asia-Pacific region, has placed a firm order with Airbus for 200 A320neo aircraft. The contract, announced at the Paris Air Show today, is the largest order ever placed for the A320 Family and makes AirAsia the biggest airline customer for the Airbus single aisle product line worldwide. Altogether, AirAsia has now placed firm orders for 375 A320 Family aircraft.

Airbus has since confirmed that the deal was tainted by corruption
which involved the payment of some EUR 100 Million (RM 450 Million) in bribes.

This then raises the question as to whether bribes were paid, how much and to whom for all the other AirAsia deals.

A simple Google search provides a sample of what has clearly been a long and steady stream of deals:

AirAsia, the largest low cost airline in Asia, has placed a new order with Airbus for 100 more A320 Family aircraft. The contract covers an additional 64 A320neo and 36 A320ceo aircraft for operation across the carrier’s network.
The order was announced during a visit by British Prime Minister David Cameron to the Airbus wing manufacturing facility at Broughton in the UK, where Mr Cameron witnessed the signing of documents by Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Group Chief Executive Officer, AirAsia and Fabrice Brégier, President & CEO, Airbus.
The contract reaffirms AirAsia’s position as the largest A320 Family airline customer in the world. Altogether, the carrier has now ordered 475 single aisle aircraft from Airbus, comprising 264 A320neo and 211 A320ceo

Airbus wins a trophy order from Air Asia for 100 A321 NEOs(2016)

Aug 30, 2019 - In August 2019, AirAsia finalised a firm order with Airbus for 30 single-aisle A321XLR aircraft, which will deliver an unprecedented Xtra Long Range ... ... AirAsia X, the long-haul unit of the AirAsia Group, has finalised a firm order with Airbus for an additional 12 A330-900 and 30 ...

Aug 30, 2019 - AirAsia today signed two major agreements with Airbus, covering the order of an additional 12 A330neo and 30 A321XLR aircraft, as well as a ...

It is the duty of the MACC and  the Inland Revenue Department to determine where the money has gone to.

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