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The Najib tapes:What if it was a foreign intlligence agency that interecepted Najib's work, home phone conversations.Who knows what about whom?

by Ganesh Sahathevan

by Ganesh Sahathevan

Malcolm Turnbull and the Malaysian prime minister, Najib Razak, 
on the sidelines of the Apec leaders’ summit in Lima, Peru.

 While it is probably the case that the Najib tapes (see story below) are the work of a dometsic Malaysian player, it is not improbable that a foreign intelliegence agency did the work and provided it to the Malaysians.

If so a number of world leaders are likely to be exposed, particularly those who openly supported the Najib regime in its dying days,despite the US Department Of Justice's !MDB related asset seizures being by then well publicized internationally. 



uesday, January 7, 2020

Former Malaysian PM Najib's work, home telephone conversations intercepted, recorded: Crown Prince UAE caught, other foreign personalties who worked with Najib cannot feel safe

by Ganesh Sahathevan

Malcolm Turnbull's son Alex reportably had a role in blowing the whistle on controversial Malaysian sovereign wealth fund 1MDB.

In the latest episode of the 1MDB saga Malaysia's anti-corruption chief Lateefah Koya released this afternnon a series of recordings of telephone converstaion  which further implciate former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak in the 1MDB theft.

Most intriguing to this writer is the fact that the recordings are of telephone calls to the then Prime Minister ,at work and at home, which have obviously been intercepted. The telephone calls include calls to and from the Crown Prince of the UAE and between Najib and his wife Rosmah Mansor.

It is unclear who ordered the interecpets, but intercpeting calls to and from the Prime Minister, especially calls to and from the Prime Minister's home,are probably unprecendented. 

There are Malaysian agencies which have these types of capabilties, so it is not necessarily the case that the intercepts are the work of any foreign agencies, like Australia's Defence Signals Directorate which have been said to be active in Kuala Lumpur.



Datuk Seri Najib Razak speaks to reporters at the Kuala Lumpur High Court January 8, 2020. ― Picture by Firdaus Latif
PUTRAJAYA, Jan 8 ― Back in 2016, Datuk Seri Najib Razak had called the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohamed Zayed Al-Nahyan and pleaded for help with money laundering accusations faced by his Hollywood filmmaker stepson Riza Aziz at the height of the 1MDB financial scandal, according to tapes of the conversation released by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) today.
Najib who was then prime minister sounded frantic in the audio recordings as he sought to clear Riza’s name.
The tapes also contained conversations between Najib and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor who sounded angry as she instructed her husband on how to deal with the fallout from the 1MDB accusations by the US Department of Justice (DoJ).
Other conversations recorded were between Mubadala Development Company (MDC) chief executive Khaldoon Al Mubarak and Najib’s special officer Datuk Amhari Efendi Nazaruddin.
MACC chief Latheefa Koya told a press conference after releasing the tapes that the recordings were authentic and showed conspiracy at the highest level of government.
Below are some excerpts from the tapes played that lasted 45 minutes:

Conversation between Najib and the Crown Prince
July 22, 2016, 8.54pm 
Crown Prince: Mr prime minister, how are you and how is your family there?
Najib: I’m delighted to speak to you and of course we are experiencing dark cloud, by the announcement of DOJ. That’s why your Highness it is important for us to resolve this to the impasse with the 1MDB soon. It is embarrassing us, Malaysia and the UAE as well as personalities close to you. I wish we can find a solution as soon as possible. Difficult to talk over the phone, possible to meet as soon as possible?
Crown Prince: It’s fine by me but I will be travelling for medical check-up for five days. I can get someone to come to you and talk about it.
*Conversation continues on planning where to meet among suggestions of Najib to fly over to Abu Dhabi*
July 22, 2016, 11.33pm (Conversation between Najib and the Crown Prince)
Crown Prince: Mr prime minister I’m sorry I was late. I’ve consulted with my guys and I really don’t want to push this anymore. This is of mutual interest. I don’t think you should fly over, people will know about it. I will tell my person to come there. He is in California, I will call him now and he can come.
Najib: *sounding stressed and stuttering* Your highness I have a personal request. My son Riza Aziz, related to his movie production in America if there can be an agreement with  Sheikh Mansour signed, so that it can show it was legitimate instead money laundering. At the moment he’s under pressure in America. I’m worried if they make him a scapegoat.
I hope the agreement can be signed immediately with Sheikh Mansour so that it can appear as a legitimate loan agreement. When he (Riza) received it, the bank cleared the source of money, I don’t want him to be a victim when he doesn’t know and genuinely think its from Sheikh Mansour. I need that agreement to be sorted out quickly.
Crown Prince: I promise you, I will do it now and I believe he is your son.
Najib: Yes he is innocent. He just wants to make a movie. Now they want to connect with him with 1MDB, but time is essence my honour. We cannot leave it for a day. We don’t want DoJ to figure.
Crown Prince: I want to finish this, I will help.
Najib: This is very catastrophic. Can lead to catastrophic in my government and your side. This is not impossible. It’s within our means to resolve it.
July 23, 2016, 2.49am (Conversation between Najib and Khaldoon)
Khaldoon: I’ve spoken to Rizal, we meet tomorrow. I think better we meet alone. I need a sit down for me understand directly what to be done. I don’t want him to bring a lawyer.

Conversation between Najib and Rosmah
July 27, 2016, 12.46am 
Rosmah: Maybe Khaldoon should come here with Amhari. Invite him and sort it out once for all..he’s eaten with them to sit down. We can sort out Riza. A lot of things can be resolved.
Najib: I will suggest to Amhari. 
At press time, Latheefa said the MACC will be handing over the full 50-minutes recording to the police for further investigations.
“Yes, we will hand over to the police now,” she said.

A fuming Rosmah, heard shouting at her husband Najib over his handling of the 1MDB saga following revelations from DOJ. The proposed arbitration with IPIC will be damaging if it were to go ahead . “ Many will get hurt “ Najib agreed. In total, 8 clips were played by MACC

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