Sunday, January 26, 2020

No national belief, no national purpose ,Australian society more fragmented than it has ever been : ABC documentary on an advertising company reveals white Australians coming to the realisation that their "multiculturalism" experiment has failed

by Ganesh Sahathevan

In October 2019 the Australian Broadcasting Corporation put to air the documentary How Australia Got its MOJO.

The documentary was probably meant to showcase how "progressive" Australians in the advertising industry took their country forward, away from their British heritage and into something more Australian. In the process the documentary also revealed a belated realisation that their country was now divided.

In the words of Hugh McKay who was interviewed for the documentary:
We are a society more fragmented than we've ever been

Another commentator said reflecting  on the advertising for the 1788-1988 Bicentenary and probably without realising what he was saying about multiculturalism:

The culture has changed at that time we had a national focus , a national belief a sense of purpose that was common to all people
It brought the nation together, focused on the common great things we celebrated.

None of the above would surprise anyone form South East Asia where Malaysia,Singapore and to a lesser extent Indonesia were forced to deal with the problems of having people from different races, religions and cultures co-existing in the close proximity.
It is not for nothing that this writer enjoys calling  Australia's intelligentsia  white dopes.

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