Sunday, January 26, 2020

Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia demonstrates why penetration of a country's judicial system is a matter of national interest: Lessons from DFAT as to why Zhu Minshen's license to issue LLBs in Australia is a matter of national security

by Ganesh Sahathevan

The Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia, Andrew Goledzinowski has been busy in the past few weeks calling on senior members of Malaysia's judicial system. 
That he has chosen to put his visits (and that of other Australian diplomats) up on Twitter is a sign of the times, but it does not detract from the fact that these are targeted interventions into Malaysia's judicial system, presumably (one hopes, as an Australian) to further Australia's national interest.

In any case, Goledzinowski has demonstrated why penetration of a country's judicial system is of vital interest to any foreign nation. For that reason foreign nationals, and in particular entities with links to foreign governments, are not normally be granted access into a country's judicial system. 

So again, one must ask: 

Did the Law Council Australia and the NSW LPAB ignore ASIO advice in granting Zhu Minshen the right to grant LLB degrees, and entree into Australia's legal system?

As we approach the beginning of the new Legal Year in M’sia, I took the opportunity to catch up with
President Dato’ Abdul Fareed. • Cooperation on legal reform and professional issues has long been a strength of the

Attending the opening of the Legal Year 2020. *A celebration of #theruleoflaw in Malaysia*
Hanipa Maidin and Malaysian Bar
1:11 PM · Jan 10, 2020Twitter for iPhone

Congrats to CJ Sabah & Sarawak TS David Wong Dak Wah on the Opening of the Legal Year in lovely Kuching. •
joined morning procession past the legislative and executive branches of Govt to the court - symbolising separation of powers & open justice.
Malaysian Judiciary and 3 others
4:29 PM · Jan 17, 2020 from Sarawak, MalaysiaTwitter for iPhone


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