Wednesday, December 11, 2019

When UK lawyers start looking to Singapore,and completely ignore Australia, Australian lawyers must realise that they are in trouble

by Ganesh Sahathevan

Singapore's Law Minister K.Shanmugam SC has overseen
what The Australian has described as  Singapore’s arbitration boom
In September 2019 , 11 of the nation’s leading barristers launched 
While playing catch up in the market for conventional legal
services, Australia does not rate at all in the area of lawtech.

The Law Society UK conducted a comparative analysis of public, private and third sector accelerators to lawtech innovation and adoption in the UK and in other jurisdictions. The study is based on data available up to August 2019.

The findings include these:
That the UK is playing a significant role in lawtech on the world stage. The closest competitors are Singapore, Hong Kong and the Netherlands.

The entire report  titled Lawtech: a comparative analysis of legal technology in the UK and in other jurisdictions November 2019 is not long, mainly graphical and definitely   worth reading in full. Australia rates no mention at all. 

This is significant for lawtech is all about reducing the costs of legal services.Put in another way, the UK Law Society study suggests that Australia is on-track to become an inefficient, high cost market for legal services. 

To understand the magnitude of the exclusion readers old enough may recall a time not that long ago when Australia was considered by East and South East Asian jurisdictions as a  default market for legal services, when access to the UK market was either unavailable or uneconomic.

This decline is not hard to understand, when one considers the amount of time and energy spent even in Sydney protecting the old guard  
All this even as Australian barristers are busy trying to make a mark in Singapore, but not it seems with much success. 



Sep 13, 2019 - Leading silk Bret Walker SC has joined 10 of the nation's leading barristers in establishing what they believe is the first permanent chambers for Australian barristers in Singapore.
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