Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Singapore acknowledges the problem of urban heat islands while in NSW, the Berejiklian Government indulges in fantasy

by Ganesh Sahathevan

See first:

NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean says Australia must stop making climate change a matter of religion and instead make it a matter of science as unprecedented bushfires burn across the state.
Mr Kean reiterated that the NSW bushfires were linked to climate change shortly after his coalition colleague Sarah Mitchell said the debate was "philosophical" and days after Emergency Services Minister David Elliott labelled the discussion "unpalatable".
"This should be a debate of science, this should not be a philosophical debate ... the majority of scientific opinion is very clear on this fact," Mr Kean told ABC radio on Wednesday.
"We've got to stop making climate change a matter of religion and we've got to start making it a matter of science and the science says that we need to reduce the impact of global warming by 2C and in order to do that we need to get to net-zero emissions by 2050."

However, with regards the science see:
The fastest way to reduce Sydney's "not normal" temperature is to replace these buildings with trees:Will NSW Minister Matt Kean be brave enough to do it
And now see that Singapore at least is prepared to acknowledge the problem:

Other examples of destructive extreme weather that happened this year include the massive floods in Kerala, India (left), and debilitating droughts in New South Wales, Australia (right). A map depicting Singapore's climate zones provides a research f
A map depicting Singapore’s climate zones provides a research framework for urban heat island studies under the Cooling Singapore project. Replacing natural forests with buildings results in built-up surfaces retaining or producing heat. PHOTO: DR MUHAMMAD OMER MUGHAL, COOLING SINGAPORE PROJECT


Singapore and global warming: Avoiding a heat island at the Botanic Gardens another cheap solution that is being ignored?

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