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Former AG George Brandis raised questions about Zhu Minshen and Top Education Group which remain unanswered, but Zhu and Top are today even more entrenched in the NSW and Australian legal system, thanks to the NSW LPAB and its chairman the CJ NSW, and the AG NSW

by Ganesh Sahathevan

Hon George Brandis
Dr Minshen Zhu.Polticians constantly change their position
on matters and their allegiances, so Brandis being critical
of Zhu while being happy to be photographed with him is not
inconsistent, for a politician. 

In September 2016 then Attorney General Senator George Brandis raised the following questions about Zhu Minahen and his Top Education Institute, which remain unanswered:

Senator Dastyari's explanation, which ran to a mere 66 words, was woefully inadequate. It raised more questions than it answered. We now know that Senator Dastyari's benefactor, the Top Education Institute, is a Chinese company with links to the Chinese government, in particular through its principal, Minshen Zhu. Senator Dastyari must provide more information about this payment. He must explain to the Senate, as he significantly failed to do yesterday, why it is that this company paid a personal debt of his. What is the nature of his relationship with this company? Why has it chosen to act as Senator Dastyari's financial benefactor?

Why did Top Education Institute agree to pay what appears to have been a personal debt? By whom was Top Education Institute approached? Senator Dastyari must provide information to the Senate of all conversations and table in the Senate all documents that evidence the agreement whereby this debt was paid by Top Education Institute. He must also tell the Senate who at Top Education Institute was involved in arranging the payment of his personal debt. What was the nature of Senator Dastyari's relationship with Top Education Institute and with Mr Minshen Zhu? Was Mr Minshen Zhu involved in the making of the payment? Was Senator Dastyari or were any members of his staff aware of Mr Zhu's involvement?

Was Senator Dastyari aware of Mr Zhu's links with the Chinese government? At a press conference on 17 June 2016, Senator Dastyari stood alongside Huang Xiangmo, Chairman of the Yuhu Group, which is a substantial political donor with a history with Senator Dastyari. This Tuesday, 30 August, Mr Huang was reported in as having been quoted in Chinese media complaining that Australian MPs were 'not delivering' on donations from the Chinese community. Given the support for China's position on the South China Sea, delivered alongside Mr Huang in Sydney only this June, Senator Dastyari needs to answer whether he is in fact 'delivering' on the extensive support provided to him.

These questions remain unanswered but that fact does not seem to have troubled the NSW Legal Profession Admission Board, or its chairman, the Chief Justice Of NSW, Tom Bathurst:

Zhu Minshen announces that NSW LPAB review "went smoothly": AG NSW Mark Speakman and officers unconcerned by Clive Hamilton's disclosures of threats, intimidation and defiance of AFP directives ,share price collapse

That the former AG, who was once in charge of ASIO, raised these questions which remain unanswered raises serious questions about all involved in the process of letting Zhu and Top into a position of authority and influence in the NSW and Australian legal system:

The AG NSW and the Chief Justice Of NSW have by their decisions described above assumed the responsibility to ensure that the public are provided the answers sought by George Brandis.


NSW LPAB found Zhu Misnhen's Top Group fit and proper to issue LLBs despite Top's links to Chinese government, tax havens, and a mysterious major shareholder -SMH investigation of 2016 reveals details which should concern ASIO, and cause investigation into the conduct of the NSW LPAB

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