Sunday, November 3, 2019

Singapore and global warming: Avoiding a heat island at the Botanic Gardens another cheap solution that is being ignored?

by Ganesh Sahathevan

As previously reported, Singapore has the infrastructure and data to manage its global warming concerns economically but appears however to have ignored that infrastructure and instead chosen to pursue very expensive large scale projects.

In fact, research into micro-managing Singapore climate with vegetation using the existing GIS infrastructure and data  was commenced in 1994, by Janet Nichol who established Singapore National Park's GIS system.

All that work appears to have been ignored and instead projects which appear not to have any real social value are being pursued while disregarding urban heal island consequences. 
The Wilshire Residences condominium project on the very border of the Singapore Botanic Gardens,f acing the Cluny Road entrance is likely to radiate  heat onto part of the Gardens ,given its concrete and glass form that will overlook the Cluny Gate entrance (see pictures above).

The proposed development sits in an upmarket  residential area that is quite leafy, so the social or communal need for a high rise apartment block that is likely to impair the Botanic Gardens cooling effects is hard to understand.

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