Tuesday, October 15, 2019

TEQSA CEO McClaran warned against " business plans over reliant on a single market" but TEQSA sees no issue with Zhu Minshen's China focussed Top Education Group -More evidence of special treatment for Zhu

by Ganesh Sahathevan

This was TEQSA CEO Anthony McClaran is June this year as reported by the AFR:

"We will want further discussion if we see business plans over-reliant on a single market. If we see a pattern of risk, we will say show us your financial plans, show us how you plan to mitigate that risk. We might see a plan that is wildly optimistic.

Meanwhile, TEQSA has had no difficulty in approving Zhu Minshen in his Top Group education venture, despite the collapse in share price and other issues. As previously reported, Zhu Minshen's Top Group IPO placed heavy reliance on its TEQSA and LPAB approvals, as evidenced in its prospectus: 

Top Education Group share price movements require explanation from NSW LPAB, TEQSA,and AG Speakman; Top's declining cash flow from operations adds to worries

TEQSA, together with the LPAB, have refused to clarify matters:

TOP Education Institute's Bachelor of Laws : Political donations,HK Stock Exchange IPO seem to have left regulators confounded, speechless


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