Tuesday, October 15, 2019

NSW AG Mark Speakman and his LPAB's defence of Malaysian businessman Vincent Tan remains unexplained despite Tan's colourful history of interfering with Malaysia's judicial system

by Ganesh Sahathevan

Troy Grant MP

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Earlier this year this writer explained how the AG NSW Mark Speakman and his officers at the LPAB, which is chaired by the Chief Justice Of NSW, Tom Bathurst, undermined the protection provided journalists, whistle blowers and sources by the Carlovers v Sahathevan ,Bond v Barry  decisions. 

The Carlovers' decision and the surrounding facts which were put before the NSW Supreme Court, which included this writer's highly publicised sacking from The Sun in Malaysia, included one of Malaysia's most colourful businessman, one Vincent Tan Chee Yiuon,who owned The Sun.

Tan has a history of judicial interference, which is even more widely publicised. In 1998 his interference with the judiciary led to the current Attorney General of Malaysia, Tommy Thomas being found in contempt of court. 

in 2008 Tan's interference with the judiciary, via his lawyer VK Lingam, became the subject  matter of a Royal Commission into judicial corruption. 

All of the above and more are matters of public record, but ignored by Speakman who seems intent on drawing ever closer to Asian businessmen of Chinese origin. 

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