Sunday, October 20, 2019

LPAB's Zhu Minshen-Top Group review requires investigation:Peter Hall refuses to do so, adding to the loss of confidence in this ICAC Commissioner. He should step down

by Ganesh Sahathevan

ICAC Chief Commissioner Peter Hall will head an inquiry that involves NSW Labor.

In his current inquiry into Chinese donations to the Labor Party ,ICAC Commissioner PeterHall QC(picture above) seems reluctant to go anywhere near the matter of Zhu Minshen and his Top Group,whose
donations to the NSW Liberal Party may have consequences for Hall's former colleagues at the NSW Bar and Bench who manage the Legal Profession Admission Board, the body that has provided Zhu the status of a law school vice chancellor.
Peter Hall's appointment as ICAC Commissioner was not without controversy. 
New ICAC commissioner Peter Hall worked closely with Roger Gyles — who led his selection panel

ICAC Commissioner Peter Hall's failings in handling the current ICAC inquiry into Chinese political donations has already been the subject of much adverse public comment.

From Neil Chenoweth, of the AFR:

The disconcerting feature of NSW's remade anti-corruption body, as it tackles its first major donations scandal, is its determined lack of curiosity.

From this writer:

Peter Hall QC and ICAC have been provided information about Top Group by Dr Amen Lee, but ICAC will still not call Zhu Minshen

Meanwhile, Zhu continues to receive the approvals he needs from the NSW Legal Profession Admission Baord, despite not providing vital financial information,and despite financial issues which would be of concern to students, current and past:

Hall is probably both conflicted and lacking in the skills required for this type of work.He should resign.

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