Thursday, October 24, 2019

Huang Xiangmo is not ranting & raving,and he is not stupid: Claims of persecution by Australian "deep state" obviously not aimed at politicians, civil servants the likely targets (and not just the ATO)

by Ganesh Sahathevan

The South China Morning Post has reported that "Chinese billionaire Huang Xiangmo claims persecution by ‘dark forces of Australia’s deep state’".

Huang has already demanded that the politicians who he funded return his donations, so the "deep state" comment is probably not aimed at them. He has named the ATO and ASIO, but he has not stopped there.He has gone on to  accuse "deep state" players, and this is quite likely a reference to any number of  Australian federal and state civil servants he has had to deal with over the years. 

Australian civil servants both state and federal have been shown to have gotten themselves involved in the whole matter of Chinese interference in Australian politics. 

Some seem determined to ingratiate themselves with the Communist Party Of China, others in promoting the interests of their political maters.Whatever their motives, the veil of secrecy that protects them needs to be removed; meanwhile it does look as if Huang Xiangmo is threatening to do exactly that.


Sunday, October 13, 2019

Communist Party Of China interference: What of the civil servants? TEQSA,LPAB dealings with Zhu Minshen requires stripping away of civil service secrecy,civil servants must be investigated like politicians

by Ganesh Sahathevan

#TEQSA is proud to be celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival and 70th Chinese National Day, with #students and #scholars from


5:40 PM · Sep 24, 2019 from Melbourne Town Hall

▲ party scene
Ms. Emily Goode, Representative of Mr. Anthony McClaran, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Institute of Higher Education Quality Management and Standards (TEQSA) attended this celebration of the Communist Party Of China's China 70 celebrations

China's  interference: LPAB, TEQSA and universities show that Australia's civil servants warrant  further scrutiny ;public service secrecy cannot be a shield against decisions made in China's interests

While much of the public scrutiny of China's interference in Australia's affairs has concerned politicians, elected representatives and to a lesser extent the universities little if any attention has been paid to Australian civil servants who have proven not immune to China's charms.

The usual civil servant's appearance of impartiality has been set aside, for example, by TEQSA and its senior officers who participated in the recent China 70 (70th Chinese National Day) celebrations organised by the Communist Party Of China.

TEQSA and its chairman Nick Saunders have refused to explain why any of the above was appropriate, especially given the fact that TEQSA has not been known to celebrate any other foreign country's national day in this way.

TEQSA,along with the NSW Legal Profession Admission Board have also been responsible for favouring Zhu Minshen, who has been closely linked to the Communist Party Of China, with the first and only license issued a non-university to grant LLB degrees that qualify holders for admission to practise law in NSW, and Australia.

The LPAB has as a consequence also granted Zhu powers under the Legal Profession Admission Rules to effectively determine that anyone who opposes him or his views, including his views of China, is denied admission to practise law in Australia.

The LPAB, and the AG NSW Mark Speakman who oversees the LPAB have recently renewed Zhu's liceneses and resisted all attempts at having them disclose the details of the approvals provided Zhu.There is evidence that Speakman has tabled in the NSW Parliament LPAB annual reports that have not disclosed fully the circumstances surrounding the unique and singular treatment accorded Zhu.

Under the circumstances the secrecy allowed the civil service so that it might fearlessly provide frank and impartial advice to the government of the day ought to be stripped away. 

TEQSA and the LPAB are of course not alone.Other examples include the civil servants responsible for approving the sale of the Port Of Darwin to Landbridge of China,and those who approved the sale of defence contractor John Holland to China Communications Construction Company. 

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