Friday, September 27, 2019

Turkish court finds that Gulen movement "planned and implemented" 2016 coup in Turkey: Meanwhile Australian members of the judiciary, Governor Beazley and her AG maintain they have better "insight "into the Gulen movement

by Ganesh Sahathevan '

More questions about Gulen in the international media: Meanwhile

On June 20(2019) , Ankara's 17th High Criminal Court handed down aggravated life sentences to scores of convicts for their involvement in the defeated 2016 coup in Turkey.

“The coup attempt on July 15, 2016 was planned and implemented by taking advantage of the organic integrity and effectiveness of the FETÖ armed terrorist organization across the country,” said the verdict.

“There is no dispute and controversy that the countrywide coup attempt was carried out by the armed terrorist organization FETÖ, using the name of the Peace at Home Council, which is terror group's structure in the armed forces.”

In Australia however, apart from condemning this writer for a lack of "insight"
the Governor of NSW Margaret Beazley ,her Chief Justice ,Premier and AG continue to support Erdogan's enemy Gulen, without providing any explanation whatsoever for their actions.


Gulen, Governor Beazley, the Premier and AG NSW and members of the judiciary : Revelation of Gulen's financing raises perception of bias that must be addressed.

Erdogan’s anger toward Australia may have to do with the defiant support for Gulen: Governor designate Margaret Beazley’s Gulen problem gets more complicated

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