Sunday, September 29, 2019

More on Neil Chenoweth's "The questions ICAC isn’t asking": Peter Hall QC turns away from evidence on Huang Xiama (and Zhu Minshen)

by Ganesh Sahathevan

From Neil Chenoweth's The questions ICAC isn’t asking
originally published in the Australian Financial Review 7th September 2019:

Huang has declined to testify, even by video link, though he told the AFR Weekend that the money given to Labor wasn’t his – he has never shopped in an Aldi supermarket, let alone handled an Aldi shopping bag.
(ICAC Chief Commissioner Peter) Hall slapped down Huang’s statement on Friday as unacceptable, given his refusal to appear. Even so, the inquiry keeps bumping into traces of Huang – meetings with him, phone calls that were made. Yet there have been no questions about these conversations.

This is strange for Hall's job is to gather evidence; he is no longer a Court Of Appeal judge who rules evidence in or out.



Peter Hall QC and ICAC have been provided information about Top Group by Dr Amen Lee, but ICAC will still not call Zhu Minshen

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