Thursday, September 5, 2019

Minshen Zhu's Top Group was a matter raised in Parliament by Cory Bernadi ,regardless ICAC pretend Zhu is irrelevant-Also, AG Speakman, his LPAB and TEQSA continue to maintain silence, provide Zhu his approvals

by Ganesh Sahathevan

Chinese political donors

An ABC investigation of political donations reveals Chinese 
businesses are by far the largest foreign-linked donors to both 
major parties. Search the data here.

As reported by the ABC:

Labor senator and power broker Sam Dastyari has admitted he was wrong to let a company with links to the Chinese Government pay a $1,670.82 bill incurred by his office.

Senator Bernardi said Senator Dastyari's statement was "wholly inadequate".

"He hasn't detailed how it came to pass that a company with strong links to a foreign country has paid his personal obligations to the Commonwealth," he told the Senate this morning.

Senator Dastyari made the statement after Liberal senator Cory Bernardi challenged him to explain the payment on the ABC's 7.30 program last night.
"We have Sam Dastyari, who is now the manager of opposition business in the Senate, railing about corporate corruption and yet we have a circumstance where on the 12th October, 2015, he declared that his debt for his mismanagement of his office budget, his debt to the Commonwealth, who is paid by the top education institute."

The payment was made by the Sydney-based Top Education Institute to cover a blow out in Senator Dastyari's office's travel budget

Meanwhile over at Peter Hall QC's ICAC public inquiry, Zhu continues to be ignored:

ICAC's own documents show that Peter Hall QC is unduly concerned with Huang Xiangmo and the Aldi bag

And elsewhere,Zhu's business continues to be supported despite Top Group's financial problems:

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