Thursday, September 12, 2019

In 1999 Zhu Minshen became managing director of Urban Property Development Co., Ltd-Peter Hall QC and ICAC duty bound to investigate this information which is (also) in the public domain

by Ganesh Sahathevan
ICAC Chief Commissioner Peter Hall will head an inquiry that involves NSW Labor.

In his current inquiry into Chinese donations to the Labor Party ,ICAC Commissioner Peter
Hall QC(picture above) seems reluctant to go anywhere near the matter of Zhu Minshen and his Top Group,whose
donations to the NSW Liberal Party may have consequences for Hall's former colleagues at the NSW Bar and Bench who manage the Legal Profession Admission Board, the body that has provided Zhu the status of a law school vice chancellor.
Troy Grant MP

NSW Libs received donations of $44,275 from TOP Education Grosup 

This writer has raised the question for which an answer has yet to be provided:
Is Zhu Minshen a property developer,should the NSW Liberals have accepted his money.

It was reported in the above article that while  Zhu's Top Group is in the business of providing teaching services,  Zhu himself is reported  to be a well known investor in real estate(see article in Chinese below). Additionally Clive Hamilton in his book "Silent Invasion"  asserts that Zhu started a property development company in 1996 from which he made "tens of millions of dollars". 

The Chinese language article that Hamilton relied on has been translated in part and includes this paragraph: 

In 1996, Zhu Minshen began to get involved in the real estate industry. In 1999, he became the managing director of Urban Property Development Co., Ltd., and his business also achieved tens of millions of Australian dollars from several million Australian dollars.

At the beginning of 1999, Zhou Wenzhong, the Chinese ambassador to Australia, visited Sydney to visit new and old Chinese and overseas Chinese. He went to Zhu Minshen’s real estate site to look at it.

That is not the only reference to Zhu as a property developer. The article below which seems to be more readily found on the Net includes this paragraph: 

At this time, Sydney is starting to heat up because of the Olympic Games, so since 1996, Zhu Minshen has been involved in the real estate industry. In that year, he founded the Superstar real estate company and registered millions of Australian dollars. It is not easy to do real estate in Australia. The labor cost is high, the construction industry is very powerful, and the requirements of the city hall for building houses are very cumbersome, and it is difficult to approve. Despite this, Zhu Minshen still feels that there are a lot of business opportunities in the world. According to his usual practice, he has kept his target on the upper class in Australia. He has posted all the advertisements in the mainstream media in Australia, and the agents are also Westerners. Because of the large amount of advertising, “Superstar” soon became known.
Now the company of Zhu Minshen is making hundreds of houses every year with a turnover of tens of millions of Australian dollars.

Peter Hall and ICAC's continued refusal to call Zhu Minshen and gather all and any evidence of his activities, including his property development businesses, raises questions about the ICAC Chief Commissioner's objectivity.If he cannot show that he is not conflicted with regards the current Attorney General Marp Speakman and the ruling NSW Liberal Party , he should at minimum step down as chair of the current inquiry.


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