Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Energy Australia's Wallerawang Power Station - New NSW laws should be designed to force re-opening, if not re-building

by Ganesh Sahathevan

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 In November 2014, EnergyAustralia announced that it would permanently close 
Wallerawang due to ongoing reduced energy demand, lack of access to competitively 
priced coal and the power station’s high operating costs

2GB has reported this morning: 

Coal is “here to stay”. That’s the message from the NSW Government following a major policy announcement this morning.
Legislation is being prepared to prolong the life of the state’s coal-fired power stations and support new mines.
This would address coal supply issues at the Mt Piper plant near Lithgow, which produces about 15 per cent of the state’s electricity.
Energy Minister Matt Kean tells Ray Hadley his priority is securing supply.
“Coal is absolutely here to stay, for decades to come, in New South Wales.
“All my policy decisions will be driven by two objectives; keeping the lights on and driving power prices down.
While it was also reported that the NSW Government will not invest in new plants, efficiency and competition dictate that the new laws that are to be introduced force Energy Australia' Ltd to re-open Wallerawang Power Station.Clearly its reasons for closing down the plant cannot be valid.
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by Ganesh Sahathevan

The Honourable Sir Michael Kadoorie

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