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China's South East Asia radar array expanding with the help of the Armed Forces of the Philippines-Radar array can now extend from the Philippines to Darwin

by Ganesh Sahathevan

As previously reported on this blog China appears to be building a radar 
would mean greater coverage of the Northern Pacific .

The following has been reported by Eliza Gritsi of Technode:

 The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) signed a relevant memorandum of understanding last week with Dito Telecommunications, a consortium led by domestic conglomerate Udenna Corporation and China Telecom. The deal would allow Dito Telecommunications, previously known as Mislatel, to install bases and relay towers on military bases. The AFP has similar deals with two homegrown telecom firms, Globe Telecom and PLDT-Smart, the AFP told local media.
  • The memorandum is still awaiting approval from the Philippine Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, who was traveling abroad when the agreement was struck and reportedly not informed about it.
  • A member of the opposition in the Philippine Senate Risa Hontiveros filed a resolution on Monday to investigate the deal after hearing that the defense secretary was “left in the dark.” Other senators including the Senate president condemned the agreement.
  • The AFP chief of staff defended the deal on Monday, saying that the military did not intend to bypass the defense secretary, and that similar co location agreements exist with local telecom operators.
  • Duterte’s office dismissed these fears as “bordering on paranoia,” claiming that the deal was examined by government security experts, the Financial Times reported.

As reported by this writer, China appears to be building a radar array that stretches from the South China Sea to Darwin, aimed at any US incoming assets (see story below).The above extends the array to the Philippines and hence the Pacific(see story and graphics below).


Monday, February 22, 2016

China building radar array aimed at US incoming -Acquisition of Port of Darwin as a strategic PLA asset becoming more apparent

A straight line can be drawn from The Spratlys to Lombok suggesting that the placement of Chinese radar on these sites is intended to create an array aimed at incoming US assets 
  Copyright Ganesh Sahathevan 2016

by Ganesh Sahathevan
The Wall Street Journal has just reported that China Appears to Have Built Radar Facilities on Disputed South China Sea Islands(see story below)
In 2012  IHS reported that China had offered to build Indonesia a radar network " that will have sites in Lombok, the Sunda Strait, western Borneo and the south-west coast of Sulawesi."
As the illustrated on the Google Earth map above , one can draw s straight line from The Spratlys to Lombok. western Borneo and the south-west coast of Sulawesi lie in between.
It does seem as is China intends or has already in place  a radar array,clearly aimed at  American military and civilian  assets. 

This image shows why the Port of Darwin is an important part of that network.


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