Monday, September 16, 2019

A move against Gladys Berejiklian is a move against her Chinese backers who may have much to lose:They must stay out of this fight.

by Ganesh Sahathevan

Note that Berejiklian speaks of the Lunar New Year's significance to Koreans, Vietnamese and others,but that the only community representatives mentioned are those from the Chinese community

The ABC has reported:

In a joint statement, MPs Tanya Davies, Matthew Mason-Cox MLC and Lou Amato MLC called for the spill at about 8:30pm after learning key amendments to the bill had been rejected.

The trio said they had been "bewildered by the lack of regard for proper parliamentary process" and the failure to allow members meaningful consultation with their local communities.

Since Independent MP Alex Greenwich announced the bill would go before Parliament, deep divisions in the Liberal Party have been revealed.

Berejiklian is showing all the signs of a leader who cannot be candid within even her own party about whose interests she needs to serve in order to remain in power. These interests would probably include those of her backers from China. As reported recently on this blog there appears to be some tension between NSW Liberal party leaders who would have better access to the Chinese funds,and the rank and file (including lower level MPs) whose access to that funding is determined by the leadership.

Additionally  the investigative journalist Michael West has shown, Berejiklian suppressed news of her dealings with a Chinese company, to ensure that it was kept from voters and taxpayers before the March 2019 election.

Berejikilian's Chinese backers have much to lose if she is removed;steps should be taken to ensure that  they are not allowed to interfere in the party leadership vote.In that regard her AG Mark Speakman,among the first if not the first to express his support the leader  must be regarded as unreliable given the Zhu Minshen issue


Premier Berejiklian has no choice but to "comment on national security matters or briefings": Her AG and Government have given the appearance that they have been compromised by the Communist Party China

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