Wednesday, August 7, 2019

None of China's trading partners show it "respect",nor has it been demanded-Why is it an issue in Australia,and is not Australia better served following the example set by Mahathir?

by Ganesh Sahathevan
Keating lacks Mahathir's skill as a politician, diplomat and businessman.With regards 
China Australiais better served following the example set by Mahathir, not Keating

A conversation between the ABC's Laura Tingle and China expert Paul Keating which captures Australia's policy of appeasement  towards China in order to preserve trade:

LAURA TINGLE: How dangerous is it for Australia in terms of its relation with China for us to have been put on the spot like this (contemplating a request for US mid range missiles to be placed on Australian soil directed at China)?

PAUL KEATING: Well, (US Secretary of State Mike) Pompeo, look the Americans know we have difficulties currently with the Chinese brought about by the Turnbull government and more locally.

So, a little bit of diplomacy and manners wouldn't have gone astray but Pompeo rides in to town, doing the Rodney Rude act, you know, saying, "Either you have soybeans or you look after your soul" or words to that effect. What did he say, something, you know?

I mean, the only thing to know about American secretaries of state these days is under Trump they don't last long.

Keating reflects the absurd Australian policy that China must be kept happy in order to preserve the trade relationship. China will buy what it needs at the best price, from friend or foe,regardless of sentiment. It is called business,something that Australian policymakers seem unable to comprehend. 

To put things in perspective, note that China is Taiwan's largest trading partner.

Australian interests are better served following in the example of Malaysia's Mahathir, not Keating.


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