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Malaysia will investigate NSW AG and LPAB oversight of the College Of Law:: College communication with persons in Malaysia of interest with regards "research" about Mahathir bribing the ABC

by Ganesh Sahathevan 

Lewis Patrick

On 16 March 2018  this writer sent an email to Lewis Patrick the Academic Director of the College of Law Sydney which was critical of the College's teaching and PLT course.It was sent in the  course of an investigation commenced by this writer in early 2018 into the College's expansion into Malaysia, while enrolled in the College's PLT course.

Information has been obtained which shows that the email  was forwarded to a person or persons in Malaysia on 17 March 2018.

A second email was sent the College Of Law on 17 March 2018 and this concerned the College using the Kitingan  family name,without their knowledge, to promote its Asean+6 LLM. This too was sent to Malaysia.

Patrick has denied forwarding any emails from this writer to persons in Malaysia ,despite the evidence.  
He did however then go on to provide the Legal Profession Admission Board a  confidential report about this writer's queries and complaints.
The LPAB's reports against this writer  included a finding that he colluded with  Prime Minister Mahathir of Malaysia.

As readers will be aware this followed that confidential report:

Bizarre blog claims used to deny man right to practise law

Readers will also be aware that the bizzare blog claim was based on this story , which condemns PM Mahathir more than it does this writer, by RPK and his friend RJ Rithaudeen: 
Ganesh Sahathevan, RPK, Clare Brown, Ginny Stein And The Blood Money Trail

Readers will also be aware that the above story is linked to this story:
The Jerusalem Chronicles: Ganesh Sahathevan and Lim Kit Siang, weapons of mass deception, which includes this immortal (and regretfully false) statement:
Ganesh was paid USD1 million by a member of team Mahathir to float the idea (READ FULL STORY HERE) while Kit Siang prepped the Red Bean Army (RBA) with one-liners that accused Trump of being anti-Islam.  

The College continues to maintain its silence,as have the LPAB and the Department of Justice, all of whom are under the purview of the Attorney General NSW Marl Speakman. Mr Speakman has involved himself in the murky world of Malaysian business and politics,regardless of whether he intended to do so.



Sunday, July 21, 2019

Malaysia will investigate NSW AG and LPAB oversight of the College Of Law: College's Malaysian business removes protective mantle; likely to further expose LPAB Annual report exclusions

by Ganesh Sahathevan

The story below was published by the well connected Malaysian investigative new site New Malaysia Times. An investigation by all the relevant Malaysian authorities can be expected, and that will involve a forensic examination of the College Of Law Sydney.

Questions about the College's activities in Malaysia have been put by this writer to the two parties ultimately responsible for regulating the College's activities , the Attorney General NSW Mark Speakman and the Legal Professional Admission Board NSW.

The queries have been met with accusations, by the LPAB and the AG of harassment , threat and intimidation by this writer of the College's management.They have gone so far as to object to the Attorney General Malaysia being informed about the  College's activities in Malaysia
They have also excluded from the LPAB's 2018 and earlier Annual Reports , which the AG tables in the NSW Parliament complaints against the College and its management; and in particular statements on the official record that they have made in support of the College.

All the above is  now likely to be investigated in Malaysia.

Bar Council education ‘JV’ must be clarified

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KUALA LUMPUR, July 19 – The Malaysian Bar Council launched its first education venture, a LLM in Malaysian Legal Practise (LLM), last year in collaboration with the College Of Law Australia.
The LLM does not seem to have the approval of Malaysia’s Legal Professional Qualifying Board (LPQB) but the website for the course, which is hosted in Australia, prominently displays the Bar Council crest.
bar council
The crest has not been used before to promote a course of study, and queries put to Bar Council President Fareed Gafoor about the use of the crest have been acknowledged but remain unanswered.
NMT has however sighted an email from Fareed dated Friday, May 24, 2019 with regards the LLM and the use of the crest where he states:
Dear Rajen,
We can’t remain silent on this.
Abdul Fareed Bin Abdul Gafoor
Sent from my iPad
It is understood that “Rajen” refers to  Rajen Devaraj, Chief Executive Officer of the Bar Council Secretariat in Kuala Lumpur.
The Bar has remained silent for nearly 2 months since.
Key person suddenly retired during extensive query
The College of Law used to be represented in Malaysia by its Director, Peter Tritt. Tritt have been queried extensively about the LLM and about the College’s business in Malaysia but has refused to provide answers. Tritt has been based in Kuala Lumpur since 2017 but announced on Friday that he had “retired” from the College on 30 June 2019.
It is understood that Tritt has forwarded queries sent him to his head office in Sydney and hence it appears that Tritt is under orders from his Chief Executive, Neville Carter, to remain silent.
Questionable advertising claims?
In advertising on the College’s website Carter has claimed that he had established a Professional Legal Training course for Malaysian Law students seeking admission to practise in Malaysia. There seems to be no evidence of such a course, or of any national level training course for the existing Certificate of Legal Practise.
Carter has also claimed to have produced the “inaugural” Handbook in Legal Practise for Malaysia, in the late 80s. A search of the main law libraries in Malaysia directed by the Chief Registrar, Federal Court Malaysia, has not found any such handbook.
He has also claimed to have, during that time to have identified and addressed “gaps” in Malaysian legal practise, but not even those in practice during that period and since have ever heard of him. Nor are senior practitioners aware of  “gaps” that needed that to be addressed by external consultants.
As CEO of the College Carter  has ultimate responsibility for the College’s Malaysian operation headed by Tritt and variously named the “College Of Law Asia Pacific” and the “College Of Law Asia”. A search by NMT has not revealed any entities registered under those names in Malaysia or in Australia, not even a foreign entities registered to conduct business in Malaysia.
Meanwhile the College, in collaboration with the Bar Council continues to sell its LLM and other courses in Malaysia, deriving a fee income from Malaysian courses.

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