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Governor Beazley, Lt Gov Bathurst fortunate that their advice on terrorism laws & Islam was not taken seriously: Jihadi planned on bombing NSW Supreme Court Building,among other CDB landmarks

by Ganesh Sahathevan

A young Sydney man (Ishaq Ul Matari)  who authorities attempted to deradicalise has been arrested over an alleged Islamic State-inspired plot to attack several targets including police stations, the US consulate, the NSW Supreme Court and churches in Sydney’s CBD.
Federal and NSW Counter-Terrorism Police swooped early on Tuesday morning after 20-year-old Ishaq Ul Matari, from Western Sydney, allegedly attempted to bring forward plans to travel to Afghanistan and pledge allegiance to the barbaric jihadis.
This arrest may not have happened had  the Federal Government taken heed of NSW Governor Margaret Beazley's advice,issued while Her Excellency was still President Of The Court Of Appeal:
One of the state's top judges has warned that federal counter-terrorism laws may go too far and the implications will not be known for many years.
Margaret Beazley, the president of the Court of Appeal, said in a speech on Thursday night that the Abbott government's Foreign Fighters Bill was an example of legislation that might extend "far beyond" the original problem.

"Although the seeds are sown in the period of turmoil, the legal implications are often not worked out until many years later, and often those legal implications are extended far beyond the scope of the original problem," she said at the time.
Justice Beazley said she had observed in a speech over a decade ago that "the most cursory review of history reveals that difficult social and political times are productive of difficult legal times".

THE state’s top judge has launched a stunning attack on “popular sentiment’’ and “xenophobia’’ in Australia, claiming only he and his fellow judicial officers — not the government — could be relied upon to promote fairness and equality.
During a controversial speech to officially open the 2017 law year last night, Chief Justice Tom Bathurst claimed the rule of law in Australia was in danger because of rampant racism, in a clear attack on populist government policies on immigration.

It is important to note that Ishaq Ul Matari was in fact considered to have successfully undergone a "de-radicalization" program. The fact that lhe then went on to plan the attack against the NSW Supreme Court and other buildings comes as no surprise to this writer and others who have spent decades studying and researching jihadism, unlike  Her Excellency and His Honour  who have spent that time building their expertise in primarily corporate law. 
Instead of using their authority to promote rather naive views on jihdism they should instead spend time with their brother judge Desmond Fagan, learning from rather that criticizing his judgement. See:
Judges,senior lawyers present at Muslim service where Justice Desmond Fagan’s decision in R v Bayda, R v Namoa (No 8) was undermined



This writer has been found not fit and proper for admission to practice in NSW, in part due to the publication of the article below  on Her Excellency's views on Islam. It was previously available of the TerrorFinance Blog, which was dedicated to research into the financing and resourcing of jihadi activities. This writer's primary area of research is the financing of terrorism by passive actors.

Australian judge says syariah & Australian law compatible -Comments in conjunction with the  FetullahGulen movement

by Ganesh Sahathevan

The Hon Justice M J Beazley AO, President Of The Court Of Appeal ,State Of NSW, Australia ,said in a speech delivered in 2014, but  not widely reported:
"...despite a perception that Islam and the Australian law are incompatible, this is not borne out by the caselaw"
She did so in conjunction with  the  Affinity Intercultural Foundation,  the Australian arm of the Fetullah Gulen movement. While Gulen and his followers have been recently victimised by former friend and ally Recep Tayyip  Erdo─čan, the president of Turkey who they helped install, Gulen and his people are not innocent of jihadi activity.
They are nevertheless quite adapt at recruiting Western "intellectuals" to promote their, cause, Her Honour is only the most recent.There is this other incident :

Erdogan,AKP backer Fetullah Gulen finds support for Islamist cause from Australia's Catholic University

For reference:

More on Erdogan backer Fetullah Gulen

I have previously written about the Fetullah Gulen and his movement , and their influence in Turkey. I have drawn special attention to their support for Turkish PM Erdogan,and Erdogan's support for the SDGT Yassin Al-Kadi ( http://www.terrorfinance.org/the_terror_finance_blog/2007/08/erdoganakp-back.html )
The article also draws attention to the charges brought against Gulen by previous Turkish Governments, in regards to his attempts to establish an Islamic state in Turkey.
A part of the Gulen organisation is the Society for Social and Economic Solidarity with Pacific Countries (PASIAD).
PASIAD serves at least 3 functions:
a) to promote trade and development by assisting Turkish and Asian businessmen establish contact with each other. (see http://en.fgulen.com/content/view/2198/31/ )
b) the establishment of Turkish schools. In 2004, 4 teachers at a PASIAD school in the Philippines were arrested on suspicion of involvement in terrorist activities.The school is located in the southern Philippines city of Cotobato, where the Moro Islamic Liberation Front is active.(see ( http://www.iht.com/articles/2004/04/02/a1_9.php)
c) propagation of the Islamic faith
In regards to paragraph a), attention is drawn to the fact that PASIAD funds study tours of Turkey by persons with whom Gulen chapters in various countries have sought to build relations. In Australia PASIAD funded a tour of Turkey by an assistant commissioner of police, Ken Lay and his wife. The tour included meetings with various business people in Turkey .( http://www.intercultural.org.au/edialogue/2007/August/index.html )
The assistant commissioner has refused to respond to all queries sent him regarding his trip to Turkey and the business people he met. The questions were put to him in context of Erdogan's support for the SDGT Yassin Al-Kadi.
In regards to paragraph b), attention is drawn to the following matters:
Gulen schools in Russia and Central Asia have been investigated, some closed down for encouraging fundamentalism ,and the terrorism that springs from it (see for example http://www.eurasianet.org/resource/azerbaijan/hypermail/200202/0031.shtml )
In the 1990s, the growth in Turkey of both political Islam and an Islamic-driven pan-Turkism that envisions uniting all the Turkic-- speaking nations from the Mediterranean to China, created problems for Turkey in Central Asia. In 1999, Tashkent shut down the Turkish schools in Uzbekistan run by the Turkish Sufi cleric Fetullah Gulen, accusing them of supporting Islamic groups. (The fires of faith in Central Asia,Ahmed Rashid,1 April 2001,World Policy Journal
45-55,Volume 18, Issue 1)
Even in the Gulen movement's own words , there was little difference between Gulen and the Gray Wolves, best known outside Turkey for the attempted assassination of the late Pope John Paul II by one of their members , Mehmet Ali Agca ( see http://en.fgulen.com/content/view/1208/23/)
In regards to paragraph c), suffice to say that being Sufi has not prevented the Gulen movement in PASIAD from working with Sunni groups such as the World Civilization Research Group of Malaysia (or by the Malay acronym , GPTD).
The GPTD is part of the Malaysian Muslim Youth Force (ABIM), founded by Anwar Ibrahim of the International Institute of Islamci Thought. ABIM continues to maintain strong links with the IIIT even as the latter is being investigated for financing terrorism related activities in the US and elsewhere.
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