Monday, July 1, 2019

EY hiring Pyne calls for complete transparency of DCNS Barracuda offset contracts

by Ganesh Sahathevan

Mr Pyne and the boss of DCNS, Herve Guillou, visit the shipyards in Cherbourg.

Mr Pyne and the boss of DCNS, Herve Guillou, visit the
shipyards in Cherbourg. Is l'affaire Adelaide a repeat of DCNS's l'affaire Karachi

-Australian taxpayers have not been told why French subs will cost 5 times more

DCNS/Naval Group offset contracts are big business and part of any large DCNS contract it enters into.India is but one example:

The co-promoter of Congress president Rahul Gandhi's UK firm Backops Limited, UK acquired defence offsets under the UPA regime. Ulrik Mcknight was 35% co-owner of Backops UK, in which Rahul Gandhi owned a majority 65% equity between 2003 and 2009 before the firm was wound up. Mcknight later went on to acquire offset contracts from French defence supplier Naval Group against Scorpene submarines in 2011.
Subsidiaries associated with Rahul Gandhi's former business partner received defence contract as an offset partner of the French firm Naval Group during UPA regime, documents accessed by India Today indicate. 

There has been little if any discussion in Australia about the offset clauses in the  DCNS -Australia USD 50 Billion contract. 

The appointment of Christopher Pyne to a senior position at EY, DCNS' auditor, raises questions about all of the matters above.
It is in the interest of all concerned, but especially the Australian taxpayer, that the Australian Government make  the DCNS Barracuda contracts available for public inspection.

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