Sunday, July 7, 2019

Another Australian connection to Anwar Ibrahim: Investigation into College of Law Asia Pac reveals an interesting media link to Team Anwar (despite the College’s aversion to media queries)

JULY 7, 2019 EDIT

by Ganesh Sahathevan
The College Of Law Asia Pac maintains its silence despite the now very many questions about its business in Malaysia. Meanwhile, College Of Law Asia Pac Director Peter Tritt’s Twitter account shows that he follows one
Brian Donald a  Malaysian based Freelance Fixer/Producer Ex NBC News and AlJazeera. 

Donald is the only journalist on Tritt’s list of people followed;and it is equally interesting that he does not follow anyone in Malaysia,or even Singapore.Additionally, he is under orders from his CEO, Neville Carter, to not answer any queries from especially this journalist.
Readers should not that that Donald describes himself as a fixer/producer. A fixer is one who has extensive local networks that can be used to arrange matters in the area of interest.  That this fixer chooses to have as his profile a photograph of him shaking hands with the prime minister desperately waiting Anwar Ibrahim implies a relationship that is relevant to his work.
Whether the College Of Law has been using the services of Brian Donald needs to be clarified immediately.


Brian Donald


Malaysian based Freelance Fixer/Producer Ex NBC News and AlJazeera
Kuala Lumpur
Joined July 2009

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