Monday, June 10, 2019

MH17:Statistics suggest an anomaly that needs to be investigated,and explained-That SQ 351 survived unscathed suggests an anomaly in MH 17's flight path

While Malaysian authorities have rightly argued that MAS is not alone in flying that route over Ukraine, the statistics displayed below suggest  the  question that  should be asked is  why only MH 17 was shot down.

The diagram below is of airlines and their aircraft that transited that route in the week before the incident. 
As the diagram shows, there were almost twice as many Aeroflot flights on that route as there were MAS flights.
Singapore Airlines is the next most frequent.

Displaying overview.jpg

The question then , what was it that made MH 17 stand out from the rest? Did this reporteddiversion from the norm trigger the  BUK's target acquisition  system?

A total of six targets can be engaged simultaneously by a BUK  battery while they are flying on different bearings and at different altitudes and ranges. A typical battery comprises a Command Post (CP) vehicle, a Target Acquisition Radar (TAR) vehicle and six Self-Propelled Mounts (SPMs) that act as the launcher vehicles. A specialist Loader-Launcher (LL) vehicle that acts both as missile transloader and additional launch unit supports pair of launchers.
Given that SQ 351 was just 25 km  behind MH 17,and given that MH 17 was reported be in the "safe" altitude zone, one must ask how and why   SQ 351 came through unscathed but MH 17 did not.


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