Thursday, June 13, 2019

Like the Azmin Ali tapes,the SRC trial leaves one wondering what Najib Razak did and to whom.

by Ganesh Sahathevan

On Tuesday, Najib had posted on his Facebook page a GIF of Michael Jackson eating popcorn.

The Azmin Ali tapes ,which seem to be the  latest chapter of the 1990s Operation Solid Grip, has left many wondering who did what to whom.  While one part has confessed, the other says it is not he in those tapes; in fact even friends of the confessor say that it is not him.

So to the latest chapter of Najib Razak's SRC trial,where much time has been spent this week eliciting evidence about the movement of some RM 2 Billion from the KWAP pension fund into a "secret" SRC account and from there to accounts in Hong Kong and Malaysia.

This chapter's  main witness, the former SRC International Sdn Bhd chairman Tan Sri Ismee Ismail, has been happy to agree with Najib's lawyers that he was shocked and surprised by the evidence of the "secret" accounts and of the various transactions said to have been executed by SRC's senior managers.

Meanwhile Ismee has told the court that SRC's directors and he flew to Switzerland to assure themselves that the  bulk of that RM 2 Billion was in fact held at BSI Bank in Switzerland; and that he was so assured. 

So it seems what might have been lost was found mostly in tact, and the senior managers in charge of day-to-day operations (such as opening and operating company bank accounts) were in fact carrying out their duties as they should. 

Little wonder then that Najib Razak is happy to sit and watch, eating his popcorn.

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