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Goh Gaik Kim's senior compliance role at TRX City requires an immediate explanation from Lim Guan Eng (and Tony Pua);Lendlease owes an explanation to shareholders

Guan Eng: TRX detoxified, 1MDB ghosts being exorcised

From right: TRX City Sdn Bhd CEO Datuk Azmar Talib, Lim and Lendlease group CEO and managing director Steve McCann at the launch today. – ADIB RAWI/theSun

by Ganesh Sahathevan 

The Sun reported in February this year, quoting Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng:

“This project is the symbol of the successful isolation and quarantine of those projects which had certain issues so that those unconnected and unrelated can proceed based on market laws and the best international practices.

“So, rest assured, that TRX is detoxified. It has now been cleaned up and is moving forward as a world-class, international, global project.

“We are slowly but surely exorcising the ghosts of 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Bhd) which have tainted Malaysia as the destination for business and investment.”

Lendlease CEO for Asia Tony Lombardo said despite the scandal revolving around 1MDB-linked TRX, it has done its own due diligence for the project, while the Finance Ministry has also “detoxified” the project.

All of the above, from Guan Eng and Lmbardo of Lendlease is hard to understand given the recent revelation that Jho Low's aunt, his mother's sister Goh Gaik Kim, remains company secretary and in charge of compliance at TRX City, having acted in the same role at SRC International Bhd (see  also Sarawak Report story below).

Guan Eng and his adviser Tony Pua, who has taken on the role of recovering 1MDB assets, owe an explanation to the Malaysians they serve.Lendlease owes  an explanation to its shareholders, especially given Lombardo's claim that Lendlease had done its own due diligence for the project.


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Jho Low's auntie Goh Gaik Kim, who acted as company secretary for several of his family firms (including Javace, Majestic Masterpiece and Wynton Group) was also neatly installed as the company secretary at SRC International, the 1MDB vehicle for alleged mega-thefts from the country's KWAP pension fund, it emerged from court proceedings this week. Clearly that job is ended. However eagle eyed researchers have been interested to note that the same aunty remains as a senior manager in charge of COMPLIANCE at none other than the Tun Razak Exchange project, which was of course the showcase project for 1MDB. Has anyone checked if she has been in touch with her fugitive nephew recently, since it sure looks like he got her that pivotal job in the first place?
 — with Rqn Yap.

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