Monday, June 24, 2019

1MDB & Rajah Tann Singapore's asset recovery job:MACC can take over that job,and is not Rajah conflcted

by Ganesh Sahathevan

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No longer needed:

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Shermaine Chan-Partner at
Rajah Tann's Malasysian office,
Christopher LeeOng,
Possibly conflicted given
past and present work on TRX

In July last year the Singapore law firm Tan Rajah & Cheah was appointed by the AG's Chambers Malaysia to assist in the 1MDB asset recovery process.

Meanwhile, it appears that Rajah Tann,also of Singapore, has also been appointed for a similar or broader exercise.
Rajah TAnn's Danny Ong states that he has been involved in the recovery of "misappropriated assets globally, most recently arising from the 1MDB debacle." 

His work must now surely be redundant given the formation of the MACC 1MDB asset recovery task force. As reported previously:

1MDB: A MACC asset recovery task force has been formed,almost a year late:PwC and all others should now be sacked

Further it acted for 1MDB in its joint venture with Lend Lease on the development of the Lifestyle Quarter. The advise included matters pertaining to the procurement contracts. 

1MDB is a complex case involving billions of dollars. Conflicts such as those listed above cannot be allowed, even if Malaysia and Singapore's rules of engagement allow it.

Tan Rajah & Cheah's role should also be reviewed, given the announcement of the MACC taskforce.

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