Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Australia's DFAT & legal establishment attack Mahathir; Australia now forced to accept radioactive and plastic waste from Malaysia

by Ganesh Sahathevan

Rare earths miner Lynas Corp (ASX: LYC) said Tuesday it intended to relocate its contentious processing plant from Malaysia to one of two preferred sites in Western Australia, where its Mt Weld mine is located.

The company, the world's only major producer of rare earths outside China, said the A$500 million-plan ($346 million) aims to boost production, appease Malaysian regulators and fend off takeover attempts.
Mislabelled Australian plastic waste is understood to be among a number of shipments of foreign domestic rubbish to be sent back by the Malaysian government following an official investigation into waste smuggling.
Malaysian Environment Minister Yeo Bee Yin is today expected to reveal details of an official investigation into the “mislabelling” — or smuggling — of ­foreign waste into the Southeast Asian nation, months after the government shut down more than 150 illegal plastic waste sorting factories.
It is understood several containers of domestic rubbish could be returned in coming weeks, causing further national embarrassment amid an increasing focus on Australia’s role in the global waste scandal.
All this follows continuing attacks on Mahathir by Australia's Anwar Ibrahim leaning Department Of Foreign Affairs, and anti-Mahatir legal establishment.See

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Wesfarmer's Lynas takeover: Betting on Mahathir's demise, and a Anwar Ibrahim-Najib Razak Lynas friendly government.

by Ganesh Sahathevan
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Much has been said about the sovereign risks attached to Lynas Ltd's business operations in Malaysia, which Wesfarmers Ltd seems happy to assume as part of its proposed acquisition of Lynas.

Lynas was on safer ground when Malaysia was still ruled by former PM Najib Razak.The election of Mahathit Mohamad as prime minister has introduced uncertainty; even though Mahathir himself is said to be supportive of Lynas' business in Malaysia, the election in May last year has brought
into power a number of parties who have consistently opposed Lynas' in Malaysia.

At 94 Mahathir's demise due to death or ill health is highly probable, and if as many in Australia expect the so-called Prime Minister in waiting Anwar Ibrahim replaces him, Wesfamers may well be then subject to a more friendly regulatory regime in Malaysia due to two reasons.

First, Anwar is expected to form an alliance with Najib to secure his position as prime minister, and secure a succession that would favour his family. Second;Anwar is considered a friend of Australia ,while Mahathir is not;and in that context can be expected to do what he can to ensure that Australian interests in Malaysia are protected. An ageing Anwar is fast running out of of friends overseas,and can be expected to do what he can to keep those he has.

Therefore, Wesfarmers may well be betting t on Mahathir's death; buying low now when Lynas remains under a cloud;and expecting that the value of its investment will rise rapidly once Mahathir is gone,and Lynas is returned to the position it was in when Najib was prime minister. Lynas' operations are located in the State of Pahang,which remains a Najib stronghold.
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