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When Tian Chua distanced PKR from RPK who had said too much about Anwar and a USD 8 B stash of cash.

by Ganesh Sahathevan

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Raja Petra, Anwar Ibrahim and Tian Chua in Londonin happier times

Excerpt foom a statement made by PKR's Tian Chua to Malaysiakini in 2005:

(Malaysia-Toady's) special reports followed a discussion on the local webblog

'Screenshots' (owned and operated by now YB Jeff Ooi) over a posting by PAS parliamentarian Abdul Halim Othman regarding Commercial IBT (CIBT).

"It is most unfortunate that Raja Petra had talked about CIBT the way he did
because his defence insinuates that Anwar had been really involved which is untrue.

"I spoke to Anwar who regretted what had happened and hoped that it will not be misconstrued by the public," he said.

On Commercial IBT, Anwar Ibrahim, Rahim Ghouse and friends see 2006 story at this link which contains these excerpts:

We had discovered a firm without visible directors and with only a virtual corporate HQ. But it had hit the big time. Commercial IBT was representing Australia as a full member of the Asian Bankers Association, alongside the better known ANZ, Commonwealth and National Australia Banks.

It had gained an incredibly valuable full-service banking licence in Malaysia on the false basis that it was regulated as an Australian bank. And it's audited accounts, if correct, showed it was holding someone's $US8-billion.

There's an interesting cast of characters in the story you are about to hear. One of them is Dr Rahim Ghouse. He ran the worldwide campaign to have Anwar released, and was a political ally of Anwar's from student days in Malaysia and then a factional ally of Anwar's within Malaysia's ruling party.

Rahim Ghouse has had at least one particularly interesting personal financial investment. In Malaysia he and another supporter of Anwar's are part owners of an investment corporation entitled Abrar Group International.

Now here's another important name: owning the rest of the corporation and its chief executive, is a Saudi Arabian multi-millionaire, Sheik Yassin Al-Kadi (also known as Yasin al-Qadi). He's been designated by the United Nations and the US, as a financier of terrorism, one of Osama bin Laden's primary financiers, according to the US.

The lists were compiled in the wake of the 9/11 attacks on the United States.


No connection between PKR and Malaysia Today
Arfa'eza A Aziz Jun 30, 05 3:36pm 

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) has no connection with the political website
Malaysia Today, said the party's information chief Tian Chua.

He was responding to a series of special reports published by the website 
over an alleged conspiracy by certain PAS leaders against PKR adviser and
former deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim.

In a statement yesterday, Tian said although the website, which is managed
by reformasi activist Raja Petra Kamaruddin, frequently published reports on 
PKR and Anwar, it does not reflect the party's views.

"Malaysia Today has its own objectives and has no connection with PKR. Any
statement issued by the website is not necessarily in line with the views of 
Anwar or PKR which has its own official website and newsletter," he added.

The website's special reports followed a discussion on the local webblog
'Screenshots' (owned and operated by now YB Jeff Ooi)  over a posting by PAS parliamentarian Abdul Halim Othman  regarding Commercial IBT (CIBT).

Titled 'Get Anwar', the reports published beginning June 20, claimed that
the discussions were initiated to falsely link Anwar and CIBT - which has
been accused of funding terrorists activities. 

Clarification welcomed

Reacting, Raja Petra said he welcomed the PKR leader's statement as it
reinforced his earlier stand that Malaysia Today was free from any political

"I explained to many that the website has nothing to do with PKR or any 
other party. We are not paid by PKR or Anwar. But they don't believe us. Now
Tian has made things clear. This is good," he added.

Contacted later, Tian denied that he had issued the statement after
receiving complaints from PAS leaders over the reports. 

"I made the statement out of my own initiative to state clearly to the
public that the reports published by Raja Petra in his website do not in any
way represent PKR, that is all," he said.

Asked whether he spoke to Raja Petra before issuing the statement, Tian said
he did not and added, "I do not want any discussion to be misunderstood as
trying to influence or interfere in Raja Petra's viewpoint". 

"I respect him as an individual who is free to do what he wants. But he is
responsible for his own views alone and the party is not with him on this,"
he said.

Commenting on the reports, Tian said it is unfortunate to read such 
'personal attacks' against certain politicians in PAS.

"I think leaders in PKR and PAS can readily accept criticisms from each
other but those made in the reports were very personal in nature. It had
also said a few harsh words against other bloggers, which is why we don't
want what has been said to be misunderstood as PKR's views.

"If we disagree with any statements or policies made by PAS leaders, we will 
issue a statement in our own website. We will not use Malaysia Today to
criticise PAS leaders," he added.

According to Tian, even Anwar - who is back in Malaysia for a five-day break
from his position as a visiting fellow at the John Hopkins University in 
Washington - had expressed regrets over the reports.

"It is most unfortunate that Raja Petra had talked about CIBT the way he did
because his defence insinuates that Anwar had been really involved which is

"I spoke to Anwar who regretted what had happened and hoped that it will not be misconstrued by the public," he said.

Taste of own medicine

On the issue of making 'personal attacks', Raja Petra said this should not 
be news to anyone since he and many opposition leaders have frequently made
'personal statements' against government leaders.

"We have been personal against the prime minister (Abdullah Ahmad) Badawi,
(deputy premier) Najib, (Abdul Razak), (former prime minister) Dr Mahathir
(Mohamad) for years. This is not new.

"But I have remained very professional in my reports, I never call them
derogatory names like some politicians, webmasters and bloggers. I simply 
write about their misdeeds," he added.

He said he will remain consistent in his fight against corruption be it
among the government or the opposition.

"The opposition parties must learn to take their own medicine. They cannot 
continue to criticise others but yet refused to be criticised. They must
change if they want to make an impact in the coming elections," he added.

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