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REPOST:Hint of kick-backs in Malaysian Sukhoi jet deal courtesy Rosoboronexport's Deputy General Director Sergei Chemezov


According to a TASS News Agency report:

Russia is expected to receive U.S. $900 million from the sale of 18 Sukhoi-30MKM fighter jets to Malaysia, under an agreement signed Tuesday within the framework of Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Kuala Lumpur, ITAR-TASS reported quoting Russia's state arms exporting agency Rosoboronexport's Deputy General Director Sergei Chemezov.
Malaysia will pay for the jets in cash, Chemezov said dismissing reports that part of the contract might be paid in kind.
"No palm oil, the entire sum will be paid in foreign exchange, that is U.S. dollars," Chemezov said.
Although Malaysian law envisages that a certain portion of cash received under such a contract is to be used for purchase of Malaysian-made goods, some unspecified Malaysian companies has proposed that the quota be given to them thus enabling Russia to receive the whole sum, Chemezov said.
"I hope the issue will be decided in a positive way,"
 Chemezov said.

[Source:Russia to supply $900-mln worth fighter jets to Malaysia.
6 August 2003,06:43,Prime-TASS News (Russia)]

Other TASS News reports have stated that Russia will earn a profit of USD 900 million on the deal.
... contract for the delivery of 18 Russian-made Su-30MKM jet fighters to Malaysia was signed in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Malaysian Prime Minister Mohathir bin Mohamad in the city of Putrajaya on Tuesday. Russia will receive a net profit of 900 million dollars under the contract, according to first deputy director-general of Rosoboronexport arms trading company Sergei Chemezov.
(Source:Itar-Tass news digest of August 5 - 4. 6 August 2003
ITAR-TASS World Service

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