Monday, October 1, 2018

Dear Ms Ardern, how do you say "NZ links to money stolen from 1MDB " in Maori?

by Ganesh Sahathevan

This is heart warming:

Jacinda Ardern makes her speech directly challenging the view of the world outlined by US President Donald Trump.

Kindness, not fear or hate - Jacinda Ardern's message to Donald Trump and the world

Ardern began her speech with a greeting in Māori after entering the 
General Assembly carrying an orator's comb, gifted to her by 
Ngati Rehia. It is worn by leaders at prominent events and is an 
acknowledgement of her mana.

 Which is all well and good, but this not so little theft and New Zealand's part in it
remains outstanding:


Image result for dpmc new zealand howard broad
The Security & Intelligence Group of the NZ DPMC  was  
led by Deputy Chief Executive, Security & Intelligence (DCE SIG), 
Howard Broad. He has been appointed head of the DPMC as of the beginning 
of 2017.

by Ganesh Sahathevan

As previously reported on this blog, New Zealand's Shewan inquiry's own work into NZ foreign trust should have led to the 1MDB theft, the proceeds of which are being hidden in part, by the family of Larry Low Hock Peng using a NZ Foreign Trsut.The beneficiaries include his son Jho Low, who has been the subject of international media attention since at least early 2015,with regards his central role in the 1MDB affair.
Despite all that reporting and ongoing investigations in the US, UK, Switzerland and Hong Kong, the Shewan Inquiry declared that there was no direct evidence of illicit funds being hidden in New Zealand foreign trusts.

The Shewan Inquiry managed to come to that conclusion despite Jho Low's visits to New Zealand on his private jet and yacht.That these visits did not come to the attention of the New Zealand Department Of Premier & Cabinet's National Security & Intelligence Group is hard to believe, given the amount of data concerning these visits in even the public domain.

All this is in addition to a very public report out of Malaysia quoting the ex-deputy chief of Malaysia's Special Branch who told media in August 2015 that one of three individuals wanted by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) with regards the 1MDB theft was hiding in New Zealand.


5. Unusual visitor.

Observed at Dunedin airport, this Bombardier BD-700 Global Express, made an interesting addition to an otherwise routine domestic flight. The aircraft registration is N689WM and the date 8 August 2015.

Global 5000 N689WM, operated by Malaysia based Wynton Group/Jet Aviation Flight Services Inc, arrived at Dunedin late morning 03 August direct from Bali. It is understood the passengers then caught a chartered Airwork/Inflite Metroliner for the journey to Queenstown.

Russell Blackstock is a senior reporter at the Weekend Herald and Herald on Sunday.

Superyacht makes a splash

The superyacht Equanimity. Photo / Jason Oxenham
The superyacht Equanimity. Photo / Jason Oxenham
One of the world's most spectacular superyachts is lording it at Auckland's waterfront.
The 91.5m Equanimity accommodates up to 26 guests and comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect from a billionaire owner.
The boat has a helicopter landing deck and boasts its own 20m pool, gym, spa, turkish bath, beauty salon, elevator, movie theatre and "beach club". The boat's interior is also said to be decorated in gold.
It is believed to be owned by reclusive Malaysian billionaire Jho Low who has been using it to entertain famous friends at exotic locations around the world.
Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx are said to be fans of the superyacht. Gangnam Style singer Psy, socialite Paris Hilton and actress-model Kate Upton are other well-known faces who have attended lavish parties on board.
The vessel was built in 2013 and is manned by a crew of 26.
In the past few months Equanimity has visited Florida, Holland, South Korea, Greenland, Alaska and Japan.
A crew member from a neighbouring vessel said it was thought the superyacht was in Auckland for maintenance work.

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