Saturday, May 5, 2018

UiTM's Australian Professor says he identified and cured "gaps" in Malaysian legal practice

by Ganesh Sahathevan

UiTM's  Professor Neville Carter, an Australian who taught  at the then MARA Institute of Technology in Shah Alam for a year in 1985-86, claims that he identified and cured "gaps"  in Malaysian legal practice (not just legal training) while at MARA, now known as UiTM.

Neville Carter

Nevilla Carter had worked in a number
of small firms, including one he owned with
three others, before arriving in Malaysia
in 1985.

Carter says on his Linkedin profile:

I was seconded (between 85-86 for one year) from the College of Law, to UiTM in Malaysia to create a fourth advanced year of study that would enable law graduates to secure legal practice skills and qualify for immediate admission to legal practice. The course successfully addressed gaps in law practice in Malaysia.

The issue of Carter's pivotal role in changing the course of Malaysian law  practice( not merely MARA's legal courses) comes back into focus  given a recent visit to UiTM, to mark a renewal of ties between UiTM ,Carter and the College Of Law in Sydney,Australia. 

The reaction  from lawyers in Malaysia has been one of amusement.None, except a few who were at MARA in the 80s, have ever  heard of him. His name was certainly not one that was heard mentioned among  KL and Selangor legal circles, but then even Van Gogh was not known outside his village when he painted his multi-million dollar masterpieces. 

Be that all as it may, Carter and his College are about to  unleash even more ground  breaking programs in Malaysia, Singapore and the region. As this writer has recently reported:


Neville Carter

2nd degree connection

Board Director at The College of Law Australia

The College of Law Australia


 University of Sydney


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