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by Ganesh Sahathevan

Photos show Najib, Rosmah , conducted 1MDB business with 
PetroSaudi on their own, without 1MDB management, or 
board present

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Swiss 1MDB Investigation Turns to PetroSaudi Officials

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by Ganesh Sahathevan 

 malaysia net errors and omissions adjusted bop us dollar wb data

The value for Net errors and Omissions in the Balance Of Payments (BoP, current US$) in Malaysia  has fluctuated between $3,552,316,000 in 1993 and ($19,990,770,000) in 2010.
The "Errors and Omissions" figure is considered a proxy for "unofficial" or rather unaccountable flows of foreign exchange out of the country. 
2010 was of course the year when much of the 1MDB theft took place, and it does appear as if that massive unaccounted flow of US Dollars has shown up in the Balance of Payments.

As previously reported on this blog,Sarawak Report has obtained and published photos which show that PM  Najib and wife Rosmah may have conducted 1MDB business with PetroSaudi on their own, without 1MDB management, or board present
Given the extent of the sudden increase in leakages it is not improbable that the business conducted included off-balance sheet transactions executed in 1MDB's name. 

The extent of 1MDB's losses could well be in excess of the currently estimated USD 10 billion, and in fact closer to USD 20 billion.That the higher amount has not shown up in any of the investigations conducted so far is easy to explain.These are not in any way reflected in the books and known only to the chairman, PM Najib. Nevertheless,these would still be liabilities borne by  1MDB ,and by extension the Malaysian Government.

by Ganesh Sahathevan 

The photo above obtained by Sarawak Report shows PM Najib, wife Rosmah and Petrosaudi's Prince Turki Abdullah and Tarek Obeid in discussion, on board a yacht somewhere off the coast of the south of France.

Clearly visible in the photo are three sets of documents,which appear to be some form of prospectus (using that term in its broadest sense). Interestingly, Rosmah Mansor has her own copy. Obviously, this was no friendly holiday chat over drinks while taking in the sea breeze; detailed business matters were being discussed.

In its own words, PetroSaudi's business dealings in Malaysia have been with 1MDB,and hence it is hard to see that the above discussion did not concern 1MDB. 

The implications for Najib are obvious. To begin with the photo belies the(in any case idiotic) claim made by his  lawyer that his  "signature on 1MDB documents (is)a formality, doesn’t mean he decides or knows all." Consequently this photo adds to the existing evidence that puts him at the very centre of the 1MDB theft. 

Then , the apparent involvement of Rosmah in 1MDB's affairs does seem to confirm the allegations regarding  her, and her son Riza's dealings in 1MDB's cash assets.It is hard to see how Najib , or Rosmah can justify her being involved in discussions concerning 1MDB.

"Innocent Owner" Riza Aziz Attended Yacht Meeting Before Good Star Heist - EXCLUSIVE

"Innocent Owner" Riza Aziz 

Attended Yacht Meeting Before 

Good Star Heist - EXCLUSIVE

Last week in California the Prime Minister’s step-son, Riza Aziz, filed a notice to
 dismiss the US Department of Justice’s seizure of his properties on the grounds that
 he was the “innocent owner” and could not be held responsible for the fact the money was stolen from 1MDB.
Motion to dismiss by Riza's lawyers
Motion to dismiss by Riza’s lawyers
Those properties include a Beverly Hills mansion, the film production company Red Granite’s future earnings from Wolf of Wall Street, a London Belgravia town house and a New York penthouse.
What this defence contends is that Riza had simply no idea that the hundreds of millions that suddenly started coming his way was not stolen, but thought it was a gift. For this reason he reckons he should be allowed to hang on to all the items bought with Malaysia’s stolen development money (money which the Malaysian tax payer is now faced with paying back to the original lenders at high interest rates).
Yet Sarawak Report has established new evidence that Riza was in from the very start on the 1MDB heist, in that he was invited to attend the meeting where the first ‘joint venture’ was cooked up between Jho Low, the Prime Minister and company PetroSaudi on the super-yacht Tatoosh in August 2009.
A trip manifest reveals that the jaunt, which took place between 15-20th August, was organised by a “high-end boutique concierge company” named Baroque, of which Jho Low was a member. According to the note made by the representative for Baroque, Sahle Ghebreyesus, the trip was in fact commissioned by his client Jho Low (whom he describes on the manifest as “my guy”). In March the following year Tarek Obaid also joined Baroque, which is an agency designed to pamper the super-rich:
High-end boutique concierge company that organised the rental of Tatoosh
Photographs later obtained by Sarawak Report show the main players behind the theft of the first billion from 1MDB through the PetroSaudi ‘joint venture’, which was strategised during this super-yacht meeting.
However, we can now confirm that Riza Aziz also joined the party, along with Najib’s key financial cronies Bustari Yusof and Robin Tan.  Robin Tan is the son of Vincent Tan, long associated with BN political funding, and Bustari is the Sarawak PPB party treasurer cum billionaire, who was handed the ‘turnkey contract’ for the Pan Borneo Highway project and whose brother Fadillah has now been appointed Minister for Public Works.
This gives the Bustari brothers control over all the big contracts handed out by the Government, in Malaysia’s notoriously corrupted procurement process and Bustari has rarely strayed from Najib’s side in recent months.
'My guy" Jho Low fixed the trip. "innocent owner" Riza Aziz was also on board
‘My guy” Jho Low fixed the trip. “innocent owner” Riza Aziz was also on board
Did Riza have simply no idea what was going on as these guys did the business which was soon to send money streaming his way?
It was just a few short months later that he went on to launch his production company Red Granite Pictures at the most lavish launch party ever seen at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010.
And over the next two years Jho Low was at Riza’s side at every major film event involving Red Granite Pictures, including Wolf of Wall Street, which was funded by yet more money stolen from 1MDB, thanks to the later ‘Power Purchase Loan’ manoeuvres also organised by Jho Low.
According to the New York Times, Low was furthermore directly involved in the purchase of both of Riza’s US properties in Hollywood and New York. Did Riza simply fail to realise what was going on?
There can only be two conclusions. Either Riza is lying and he did know or Riza is a sad and stupid creature, who was merely used as a front and proxy by the players behind the scandal, which included his friend Jho Low and step-dad Najib.
He is therefore EITHER innocent OR the owner.  He cannot be the “innocent owner”!
left to right - Tarek Obaid, Prince Turki and Najib Razak - the three named Shareholders of the 1MDB PetroSaudi Joint Venture meeting a month before the deal on the yacht Tatoosh.
left to right – Tarek Obaid, Prince Turki and Najib Razak – the three named Shareholders of the 1MDB PetroSaudi Joint Venture meeting a month before the deal on the yacht Tatoosh.
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