Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Trump's asset seizure powers can extend to all of UMNO's leadership-Najib implicated all of them in 2015

by  Ganesh Sahathevan
As previously reported, US President Donald Trump has now powers to seize the assets of corrupt leaders:
Trump announces new powers to seize assets of corrupt leaders,after AG Jeff Sessions declares 1MDB "is kleptocracy at its worst".

While many readers ,including Najib Razak's Peter Kamaruddin believe the above to be a reference to Najib, many seem to have then forgotten that Najib himself implicated UMNO's   leadership in his dealings. It is not unlikely that those  of them with accounts in Singapore will also be targets of  these new powers. The Singapore accounts, as readers would have noted from the case of Najib himself, tend to be in US dollars,and we know that at least some of that money went to Malaysia via the Wells Fargo Bank in New York.
See WSJ documents at https://s3.amazonaws.com/s3.documentcloud.org/documents/2158723/1mdb-documents.pdf


by Ganesh Sahathevan 

In December last year  the Wall Street Journal reported:

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was fighting for his political life this summer after revelations that almost $700 million from an undisclosed source had entered his personal bank accounts.Under pressure within his party to resign, he called together a group of senior leaders in July to remind them everyone had benefited from the money.The funds, Mr. Najib said, weren’t used for his personal enrichment. Instead, they were channeled to politicians or into spending on projects aimed at helping the ruling party win elections in 2013, he said, according to a cabinet minister who was present.“I took the money to spend for us,” the minister quoted Mr. Najib as saying.
Unfortunately for UMNO's leaders, records of their assets within and outside Malaysia are, as result of Najib's words, probably part of the FBI and DOJ's data dragnet. Within that cache is likely to be data on their 1 MDB linked assets, and all other assets howsoever financed.
For reference 

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