Friday, December 8, 2017

Australia's Penny Wong claims to have internal Malaysian Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs correspondence which proves she is not a Malaysian citizen

by Ganesh Sahathevan

Australia 's Senator Penny Wong has recently   released documents concerning her citizenship.
These include the letter below (click to enlarge) from the Malaysian Citizenship Department, which comes under the Ministry Of Home Affairs addressed not to her but the Second Secretary , Malaysian High Commission Canberra, which appears to acknowledge that she is no longer a Malayasian citizen.

Malaysian readers in particular would  recognise this as  highly confidential inter-departmental communication , which is seldom if ever provided anyone, even the person who it concerns.
Wong has also attempted in her declaration to distance herself from her Malaysian citizenship, admitting in her documents to only being "possibly Malaysian",despite her birth, Malaysian citizenship, and Malaysian IC.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Given the  Barnaby Joyce decision, Senator Penny Wong is at the mercy of the Malaysian Government 

by Ganesh Sahathevan

Penelope Wong Ying Yen, 
 Senator Penny Wong, was
 born in Kota Kinabalu ,State Of Sabah,
 Federation of Malaysia. Her father Francis Wong 
is a Malaysian citizen,which makes Wong a Malaysian
 citizen by birth.

The High Court has decided that Barnaby Joyce and others are disqualified form sitting in  the Australian Parliament despite their  having no knowledge of their foreign citizenship.

Penny Wong on the other hand cannot deny knowledge of her Malaysian citizenship, and rather than provide proof of renunciation, plays with words that only Malcom Turnbull seems to
accept (for reasons best known to him).

Regardless, our dear Senator Wong is especially now,given the High Court's decision, at the mercy of the Malaysian Government,
who would be silly not to use the fact of  Wong's citizenship against
her,and to the detriment  of the  Australia's national interest. 

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